Bading suit for Tangkou.

I found a pair of bathing trunks in a second hand store, I cut them up for this.

Notice: the pattern is inclusive seam allowance.
Cut the pieces as said on the pattern.

Sew the two side pieses in the front piece together, this will make the breast and stomach part on the bathing suit (from the bad side).

Now sew the side pieces on to the front piece, and sew the shoulder seams together, (from the bad side).

Bend the sleeve edge in and sew carefully arownd, so it is looking nice (from the good side).

Sew the back seamen together and then the crotch together to (from the bad side).

Bend the legs and the neckline a little and sew it nicley, look at the first picture, (from the good side).

Now your bathing suit is all done.

Here is the pattern for the bathing suit:
Print it out in the right size.

If you have a Silhouette Portrait or Camero, you can find the pattern for you program here: Paterne for Tangkou

Happy crafting