2nd May, 2018

I have corrected some minor errors here and there.

I moved around on a few menus, for easier transparency.
A few but minor items have been deleted since they are not being used.
New colors, you can see the old colors, under "old layouts"
Under "Babyz"
"Babyz maker" is now on the side with babyz.

23rd January, 2018

-------------------------------------------------- --------------
Sorry I do not update so often, I have a lot of things to do for the time.
-------------------------------------------------- --------------
Under "About Me"
Unfortunately, my big cat is no longer. So the pages about my cats have been corrected.
He had lost a lot of weight in a week - 14 days, and on December 29th. In the morning he was very weak.
He was so ready to go from here, the anesthesia was enough for him to leave us.
-------------------------------------------------- --------------
Under "Dollhouses"
New pictures of my Christmas room under: The Christmas Room.
-------------------------------------------------- --------------
Under "Dollhouse Ideas"
New Boxes for a lot of things, under: storage boxes
-------------------------------------------------- --------------
á Under "Babyz"
I have corrected a couple of link errors.
-------------------------------------------------- --------------
Under "Tangkou"
New miniature knitting patterns for Lorie:
Sweater, Find it here
Please note - Things for the Tangkou can also be used for Barbie.
Sew a sleevles jacket for your doll, Find it here

Now you can sew a bathing suit for Tangkou, Find it here
-------------------------------------------------- --------------
Under "Silhouette"
New cutout patterns - now you can find table cards that I have designed
Then there is the pattern for the sleevelse jacket to Lorie.

30th November, 2016

New colors on my website, I hope you like them.
Find the old layout under: "Old layouts"

The Cats & Dogz game has been taken down again, if you want some of my files, then write me a mail!
All my Cats & Dogz files are free to use as you like.
Under "Dollhouses"
Now you can see a small television broadcast about my hobby under: Exhibitions / TV

6th April, 2016

Sorry that I haven't updated the homepage until now.

New colors! The old layout can be found under: "Old layouts".
I have corrected the few minor errors on some of the pages.
I have put my Catz and Dogz things onto the site again, I have made so many things for the games, so I decided that they should be possible to obtain again.
If you have a website with Catz and Dogz you are allowed to put my creations up on your website, however, do not direct link to my downloads, but download them and make your own links.
Under "Tangkou"
See how I sew leggings on youtube, fine link under: Clothes / trousers / leggings
New miniature knitting pattern under: Mini knit / sweaters / Cute top
I made some sweet glasses for Lorie, see how under: Ideas / Glasses
Under "Petite Fairy"
New menu - here you can find things to Petite fairy / obitsu 11 cm.
Find a review of this doll under: Petite fairy, here you can also find links to where I bought it.
Find a miniature knitting pattern on underpants.
Find a miniature knitting pattern for a sweet long dress.
Find a miniature knitting pattern on a cute long dress with ruffle.
Find a miniature knitting pattern on a elfs hat.
Make cute hair bands for your doll, see: Ideas / Hairbands
See few pictures of Tatyana as a Fairy.
Under "Silhouette"
Find the pattern for pajamas for Tangkou.
Find the pattern for glasses to Tangkou.

4th November, 2015

Under "Tangkou"
Knit one Hootie your Tangkou, Under: Clothes / Mini Knitting / Sweaters / Hootie
Knit a sweater with pattern for your Tangkou, find it under: Clothes / Mini knit / sweaters / sweater W pattern
Knit a one-sleeved tunic for your Tangkou,under: Clothes / Mini Knitting / Sweaters / A-sleeved tunic
Now there's a pattern for dungarees, find it under: Tangkou / Clothes / Lower body / Dungarees
Now you can find the bag, pants and a couple of other sewing patterns to Lorie, for your Silhouette Portrait.
Then there is also a knitting pattern for a long dress to your Tangkou doll.
Under "dollhouses"
Under: Things in Cernit / From picture, there is now a new party cake up, which is an on-demand task.
Under "More"
Under Needlework / Silhouette / Different designs, you can find ordinary hearts just to cut out, these hearts are sweet on gifts or as a small card, only the imagination is the Limits.

8th August, 2015

Under "Tangkou"
See how you can sew a cute rabbit jumpsuit, under: Clothing / Set / Jumpsuit.
Under "Dollhouse ideas"
Boxes for perfumes, they can now be downloaded and printed out under: Print out / Bathroom things.
Under "More"
Under the menue Silhouette, there is now a category of Tangkou where you can find the pattern for the cute rabbit jumpsuit.
and the pattern for the pants can also be found here.

14th July, 2015

Under "Tangkou"
I changed a bit in the knit menu tfor Tangkou, to make it more manageable.

Then there is a knitting pattern on overalls for your doll.
Knit a hat and a beret for your Tangkou, find the patern under: Mini knitting.
Under: Ideas / Furniture you can find a cute writing desk for 1/6 dolls.
Under "June Planning AI"
New menu.
I've got a super cute little doll, who now has her own page.
Here you can read about her, and find some ideas for things you can do, for your doll.
See pictures of the doll, as it looked when I unpacked it.
Find miniature knitting paterns for your doll.
See how I made wings for my little doll.
See photos of Auralie as butterfly.
Under "More"
Now you can find patterns to your Silhouette Portrait under: Crafts / Silhouette

14th April 2015

I have made a few adjustments to my start page.
I hope this makes it easier to find me online.
Under "Tangkou"
New miniature knit to your Tangkou, now you can find a sleeveless/strapless dress that is very easy to knit.
Under: Clothing/Mini knit/Christmas Knit, you can find a santas hat that fits over your Tangkou doll's head.
Knit a bolero to your Tangkou, find the pattern under: Clothes/Mini knit/Bolero.
Sew a really girly dress for your doll, find pattern under: Clothing/Dresses/girl dress.

3th February 2015

Once again my homepage godt new colors.
The Christmas layout is now up under: old layouts.
Under "Tangkou"
New updated pictures of Lorie under: My Tangkou
I have cleaned up in the menu.
Knitting patterns for Tangkou/Obitsu are now available in PDF for easy printing.
New knitting pattern - T-shirt for Tangkou/Obitsu.
See how you can make nightwear for your doll.

29th November 2014

Now it's soon Christmas again, therefore my side needs a Christmas look.
I hope you like the new colors.
You can now see the old layout, see: old layouts.

5th November, 2014

Under "Dollhouse ideas"
I made some sweet jugs in Cernit, see how under: Ideas / Kitchen details

31th July, 2014

Under "About Me"
Unfortunately, our female cat "Tornerose" died of old age, so she now has her own memorial page, under: about me / my cat.
And we've got a cute little kitten "Nuller" to encourage stain.
Under "Dollhouses"
I have corrected a menu error, so now you can see where I've had exhibited, a newspaper article about my dollhouse, hear when I was on the radio with my hobby, and watch the short TV show about my house.
New photos under: Small items in cernit / Small items
Also new pictures under: Small items in Cernit / Cakes.
New Updated and new pictures of my toy store under: Doll Houses / books / toys.
Under "Tangkou"
See how you can create e cute shoulder bag for your doll.
See how you can sew a super cute dress.

19th May 2014

Under "Tangkou"
Now you can find pictures of Lorie on a picnic.
New photos of Lorie with her Sjeselong.
New photos of Lorie as fairy.
New Knitting Pattern - cute sweater for Lorie.
Now you can see how I have made a cute coat for Lorie.
As well as the paterns for pants, leggings and a cute jumpsuit with a knitted shawl.

4th Febuar, 2014

Under "Dollhouses"
Under: Things in cernit / Small things, there are now new pictures.
Under "Tangkou"
Brand new pictures of Lorie in Christmas mood.
See photos of Lorie as fairy.
How to make great masks for your Tangkou, for Carneval or New Year.
Sew pants for Tangkou.

14th January 2014

I hope you had a good Christmas, and came well into the new year.
There is now new colors on the page.
My Christmas colors can now be seen under : old layouts.
Under "Dollhouses"
I have made a little more on my Christmas box .
New pictures of my second-hand dealer, under: Dollhouses/peek-boxes/clearing out
New pictures of my Christmas room , under: Dollhouses/peek-boxes/Christmas room
New details from my toy store, under Dollhouses /Books/Toys
Under "Dollhouse ideas"
Under: Toys, you will find hit board for the small kids in the house
Under "Tangkou"
I've got a Tangkou doll, see more about her under: Tangkou/My Tangkou.
See my rewiev of Tangkou.
See my review of the Obitsu body.
How I gave Lorei a new body.
See photos of her under: Tangkou/images.
Make a fine sjeselong to your Tangkou.
Knit a santa-girl dress for your Tangkou.
How to make great wings for your Tangkou.
See how you can easily make some beautiful jewelry for your doll.

26th November, 2013

New Christmas colors, I hope you like them.
You can see the old colors on the page "Old layouts".
I changed the menu, so my dollhouse ideas have a menu for themselves, and my finished miniature have got a menu for themselves.
Crafts and fun have now their own side: More.
Under "Dollhouses"
Under: Books, you can now find my toystore.
Under "Dollhouse ideas"
New menu with all my stuff.

27th August, 2013

So now there are new colors on the website, I hope you like it!
It is possible to see the old colors under: old layouts.
Under "Dollhouse"
There have been corrected a few link errors so they all schould work now.
New storage boxes ready to print and assemble.

1 st January, 2013


Welcome to 2013

- I hope that my website can help to inspire you, to miniature things, and if you are playing Babyz, that you can find the thing you want for your games, and that those, there just want to have a look, finds some interresting info.

I have corrected a few errors on the page.
So the Christmas season is over, and there are new colors on my side.
Christmas layout can be seen under old layouts.
New and improved image of a skunkear, has come up on the side of this.
Under "Dollhouse"
New pictures from my Christmas peek box.
Under "Babyz"
So the BAC are closed for this year, and no it does'nt come up next year, I'm sorry.

5th November, 2012

New Christmas atmosphere layout.
The old layout can be seen under: old layouts.
I closed my newsmail down, as I do not send that many news out anymore.

I've closed a few pages, and deleted a few things, that wasn't used anymore, I moved around on a couple of links, most things are now on the first menu. I have done this, in the hope, that it will make the website a little more manageable.

I have corrected a mistake, on one of my Kumihimo plates.
Under "Dollhouse"
New photos of Cernit things:
both under: cakes - from the picture - and wedding cakes.

Under food ideas, there are new boxes up to print out, and put cakes in them.
Under "Babyz"
Remember BAC starts the first of December, and this will be the last year to get in the joy of my BAC.
So enjoy it. Thanks to Gry, Anne and Sigikid who have made gifts again this year.

As I havn't played Babyz for a long time, and probably will not play it again, I have chosen to remove everything about my babyz.
I also removed the downloads, I have been allowed to have, as they are not created by me.
Since the hexede babies I had on the pages was not mine, these also have been taken down.

You will still be able to download my stuff, and I give permission to put my stuff on your pages, so long you put it up yourself! Direct linking to my is not allowed, and it isn't possible.

The forum has stalled, and unfortunately it is no longer worth the effort to keep it running, so I shut down the 1.1.2013 - thanks to everyone who has been active in the forum, since it Opened in 2005, it has been a wonderful time, but now it's time to say goodbye.

I have corrected a continuous error on my playpens pages.
And have removed all links to other Babyz pages, as I no longer want to spend time, to update the pages.

20th August, 2012

Have corrected a few errors on the page.
Under "Dollhouse"
I have corrected some errors on a couple of my pages.

New images of my "second-hand dealer", on all three sides.
New scenario of a small bakery desk that I have made and sold.
New pictures of cernit "Small things".

Dollhouse 4
New pictures of the house.
New details from the kitchen.
New details from the dining room.
New details from the fireplace room.

10th August, 2012

Under "Dollhouse"
New pictures of Cernit things I have made.
New detail pictures from my Second-hand dealer.

Under the "Things in Cernit"
You now find a menu called "from picture" which is from a picture of a cake into a miniature cake.
You will also find a menu called "Wedding Cakes", with pictures of what I have made until now.
There are also new pictures under "cakes" in the same menu.

Dollhouse 4
New details from Great room.
Under "Babyz"
I've removed a few menus, and changed little in the menu setup.
Another Rocking Horse have been given out, see the image under: Get a gift.
New fan picture.

30th May, 2012

New colors on the homepage, now it have become summer.
The old colors, can be seen under "old layouts".
Under "Dollhouse"
Making a small box of wood, under "Storage boxes"
Under "News magazines" you can find Donald Duck, ready to print and put together.
Now my second-hand dealer peak-box got its own page.

2nd April, 2012

Under "Dollhouse"
I have corrected an error on the page where you can find ideas for embroidered carpets.

15th March, 2012

New colors on the page :-)
The old colors below the "old layouts".
Under "For You"
Now you can find nogel beautiful wallpapers for your iPhone, ready to download and use.
Under "Babyz"
I have created a new globe, with the little Sahara.
Under "Dollhouse"
New pictures of the little things I've done in Cernit.

23rd January, 2012

So my Christmas designs is now under old layouts.
I hope you like my new spring look.
Under "Dollhouse"
New images of small Cernit things I've done.

20th December, 2011

Under "Babyz"
I've got a little cute new Babyz boy, see him on his side.
Under "Dollhouse"
New pictures of my Christmas peek-box.
New images of small Cernit things I have made :-)

1st December, 2011

Under "Dollhouse"
I've changed a couple of my print sheets.
There are more pictures of small cernit little things I've done.
New under Christmas ideas:
Now there's a little note up to the gingerbread hous, with a link to my youtube video where I show how it is made.
Now you can also make a cute little Christmas church.
New games you can print out and make your dollhouse.
Under the furniture you can now find a cute dresser.
Now there is new pictures of my Christmas peek-box.
New pictures of the details, and images from the box.

15th November, 2011

Now there is Christmas colors on my homepage.
Under "Old layouts" you can see how the homepage have looked like before.
Under "Dollhouse"
The menu system on the dollhouge page have been changed a bit, I hope it makes it easier to find the things you're looking for.
I have taken my YouTube videos off the website as they take up too much space.
You can still find them on my YouTube channel
I have corrected some minor errors on some pages.

Dollhouse 4
New photos from the fireplace.

I have started to build on my Christmas peek-box again.
See new details of the Christmas peek-box.

I have put pictures up of my newest peek-box "young man room" that I have made.

Now you can find a pattern for a Christmas tree carpet under Micro stitching.
Under "Babyz"
So BAC is up soon again! This time all the gifts made by Gry and Sigikid.
The two of them have made many wonderful things to the game You can meet them in DRN's Babyz Forum !
Under "Jesus"
I've got a nice new banner - thanks Sigikid.

22nd October, 2011

Under "Dollhouse"
New menu: Small things in Cernit, here I put some pictures of the little things I've made in cernit, that does not come into my house or peek-boxes.

In print / Small blocks, you can find a desktop surface, with Denmark on.
Under: Small games, you can now find a Memory game.

Dollhouse 4
New pictures under fierplace room details.
And in bedroom details there also is some new pictures.
And new details from the bathroom.
And the library has also got new pictures under details.
Cosy room has also got new pictures.
Cloe is now standing in the dining room, thanks to Tanja for the beautiful doll.

9th August, 2011

The old layout is now on the side with the old layouts.
Then there are new colors on the page, I hope you like them.
Under "Dollhouse"
New videos on how to make food, from now on my videos, will only go on youtube.
How to make a dandelion, see under flowers.
Then there are Crawling Pixies under decorations / Elves and Angels.

Dollhouse 4
New images from the bedroom, and fireplace room.

14th July, 2011

Under "Dollhouse"
Under food / videos there have come a lot of new videos up:
See how I make pasta for the dollhouse.
See how you can make meat for your pastas.
You can also see, how you can make bread with topping.
Italian salad (this video is in Danish).
Make a delicious soup, see how the video.
How to make black olives.

Under links, you can now find a place where you can buy siligum.

Dollhouse 4
New details from the kitchen.

5th May, 2011

The Petz section of my website is now gone!
It was nice while it lasted, for those of you who have followed the section of my website thanks for everything over the years it has been fun :-)
It was time for a change, and since I have not played Petz for over 3 years, it's my choice to close it down, it is a bit sad - Sorry!
The old layout is up on the page with pictures of how the page looked like.
Then there is new colors on the homepage now, I hope you like it.
Under "Dollhouse"
The pictures of the finished ice stand are up now.
You can now see pictures of my little kitchen scenario.
Dollhouse 4
Now you can see the last room in the house, my fireplace room.
There is also a page with detail from yhe fierplace room.
I have put a idea for a new plant up, under "flowers".
Under "Babyz"
Another rocking horse has been sent out.
I've got a new fan photo, thanks Cheyenne.

5th April, 2011

Yes I have shut down everything called Funkeys because I don't play it anymore, and it is impossible to get the new figure, without paying a small fortune.

Catz and Dogz players READ THIS!
The first of May I take everything I have with Catz and Dogz down from the website, I release all the things I've made for the Petz games, for you to use like you want, it is okay to put it on websites, and or modify the files! So hurry up and download the files you want!

27th March, 2011

Under "For You"
New Kumihiom pattern plate for you.
Under "Dollhouse"
Now you can see how I made the couch to my dollhouse 4h
Under: food / videos, you can now see how I make tomato cane.
And how do you can make eggs, and eggs broken.
Raspberrier is also on a toturial now.
Under "Babyz"
New link for another Babyz Website; Scribble.
I've got a new fan picture.

25th January, 2011

DRN hopes everyone had a good Christmas and wish all the best for the new year.
Then the Christmas colors have been taken down and replaced with something new.
You can find Christmas colors, under: old layout.
Under "For You"
I'm now making Kumihimo, so here is a page with paterns to "braid" after.
Under "Dollhouse"
I have put the last pictures of the details as I did for Christmas living room this year.
You can also see the complete Christmas room, as it looks before I put it away.
There are also new pictures that are a little closer up, so you can see how it all stands.
See my Ice cream stand.
Under "Babyz"
So all things end of the Christmas calendar put in place.

16th December, 2010

Under "For You"
So are the letters we once did with Petz and Babyz turned into PSP 8 Tubes.
Under "Dollhouse"
New details from my Christmas box.
See how you can make small cute pacifiers, see under: Children things.
Under "Food", you can find a video, there shows how you can make some delicious cookies.
Some new ideas for Christmas tree decorations.
And there are also some very easy braid hearts, ready to glue, and hang up.
Christmas room
New details of things end to the Christmas room.
New pictures of the box as it looks after this Christmas (it will be updated later)

7th December, 2010

Under "Dollhouse"
New video, where you can see how I make marzipan candy.
Under: Christmas / Other Christmas decorations, you can now find a advent calendar for the Christmas room.
You will also find a nice Christmas shelf border.
See also how to make a gingerbread house.
Christmasroom peek-box.
New details from my Christmasroom peek-box.
Under "Funkeys"
My two new Funkeys are up now.

30th November, 2010

Under "Babyz"
Now the BAC are open, remember to look each day in December ..!
New Babyz for download from Gry.
Under "Funkeys"
I have now put up some pictures of Sol's gameplace.
And there are pictures of Webley's gameplace.

18th November, 2010

I have changed a little on the appearance of my menus.
So, there now is a bit of Christmas spirit over the page.
My old layout is now up under the "old layouts".
Most of my homepage has been through a great renewal, so it all match together a little better.
Under "About Me"
There have been cleaned up in the menu and some pages have been updated.
Under "For You"
There have been cleared up a little, in a few of the things I have on this site, because some of the things was outdated and some not relevant anymore.

New PSP 8, winter picture tubes for free use.
Under "Dollhouse"
Now you can see how I've made a game board: Backgammon.
New candy on the printing sheet under: Print able / kitchen things.
A new thing on the print sheet to the bathroom.

Christmas room peek-box.
Now I have started on my Christmas peek-box again.
New details on the Christmas tree.
New pictures of the box's progress.
There are also pictures of some of the new things that have been put into the Christmas room.

Dollhouse 4
New details in the bathroom, bedroom, hall and great room.
Under "Babyz"
I've got some new and nice Haloween pictures from the forum, that I have put up on my page.
Then it's time for the BAC, remember to look in the calender each day in December.
I have changed some of my hexe help pages to, so they are more up to date.
Under "Catz & Dogz"
I've cleaned up my stuff on these pages, since some of it is outdated, as eg. my hex help. Since I haven't played Petz for many years now, so the families and show Petz I have had, isn't any longer, therefore, they have also been removed.
And there were also some other things, that never really have been used, I removed those sides.
My find it has also been removed because it was super old, and those who wanted to find it, the have probably found it byt this time.

It is still possible to ask for a side award!
I still take pictures for the globes!

14th October, 2010

Under "Dollhouse"
I have put a video u, where you can see my garden peek-box.
How you make a small Christmas drum can be seen on video.
Small video on how to make orange slices.
Under "Babyz"
Sukses got her own page.
New jumper for your Babyz.
Now there are also videos on how to hexe a jumper.
New Babyz links.

8th September, 2010

Under "Dollhouse"
New videos under: kitchen things.
New video under: Toys.
New video under: Flowers.
Then there are images of a small senarie with a hammock, that I have made.
Under "Babyz"
New fan picture.
A new link to a babyz page.
I have found a new find it.
Makyla has won another award.

23th June, 2010

New colors on the page.
See picture of the old colors under: "Old layouts".
I have created a link on the front page to my youtube videos.
Under "Dollhouse"
Then a new video, see how you can make Pineapple slices.
and a video about how you can make a fruit tart.
Video: How to make potatoes.
New page with alfs under: Christmas stuff.
Dollhouse 4:
New details from my kitchen.
New pictures from my bedroom.
Under "Babyz"
Now you can get popcorn for your babyz.
Another rocking horse was sent off, congratulations Lizzie.

27th May, 2010

Under "Dollhouse"
How to make a decorative book, See how to under: "Small Books".
More videos on how I'm doing For You things of fimo.
New details from the seperator wall / shelf.
Under "Babyz"
Now my lovely boy Sebastian have got hes own page.
New hexe ideas for things I can do to Babyz.
Under "Catz & Dogz"
Now you can find toyz for your Petz 5, that are made by Sigikid.

14th May, 2010

Under "Dollhouse"
Printing images for things to be printed out, under the For You ideas, have now been made a little For You, so it will be the right size when you print! Click on the image of the sheet you want to print, every image fits an A4 page.

New videos for you.
New ideas for good tools when you're making dollhouse things.

Nice little folder with loose knitting patterns in.
How you can easily make some nice paper bags.
How I make crocuses, look under the flowers.
Under "Gifts", you can also find cute Christmas to and from cards.

I now have my baker peek-box ready, see many new pictures of it.
New details dollhouse 4 - in almoste every room.
Under "Babyz"
I've got a really cute drawing of my forever baby Makyla, see it under "4 ever babyz".

14th April, 2010

Under "Dollhouse"
Now you can see a little movie of my work at the Christmas bazaar kik-box for 2009, living room with light tŠnt.

New page with videos where you can find ideas and instructions for various fimo / cernit things.
I've just been through my links, so there isn't any dead links.

Dollhouse 4
New details from the great room.
Under "Babyz"
Makyla has won an award.
I've got a lot of new ideas for what I can hexe.
I've had a nice Easter gift from Sigikid,
and a second gift from a friend.
Under "Catz & Dogz"
New website under links.
Under "FunKeys"
I've got a new FunKey see it in my FunKeys.

10th March, 2010

Under "About Me"
I just found an article from Home in 2001, I had not got putten up, it is on the side now.
Under "Babyz"
RenÚe has received another award.
I also have got some new gifts, thank you for the beautiful pictures.
New guest Babyz hexer - Gry, see the sweet Babyz you can download your games, on her sides.
I've got a few gifts from friends in the forum, thanks for them all.
Talitha had her first kiss, look at the beautiful banner Gry have made of it.
New Babyz link.

New diapers for your Babyz.
Under "Dollhouse"
How I have made small playing card to dollhouse.
Crochet a nice carpet / plait to the room, see how under mini crochet.
See how can you make sawdust wick.

New details from my bakery - some cakes and sweets.
And new pictures of bakery peek-box.

Dollhouse 4:
Now you can also see my great room. (It is not completely finished yet)
New details in the bathroom.
New pictures from the hall, and new details.
And new images from the room itself.

11th February, 2010

Under "Babyz"
Another rocking hors have been sendt out.
I have been cleaning up in my God-babyz.
I have found a few more find it's.
New link for another homepage, go visit Avado.
New Jumpers for your Babyz.
New Cutie Jumpers for youtBabyz.
Under "Dollhouse"
There are new updated pictures of the Garden peek-box.
Dollhouse 4
There are new pictures of the kitchen, and also new details.

1st February, 2010

Under "About me"
New scale results.
Under "Dollhous"
Dollhouse 4:
I have updated some of my pictures.
New pictures of the Library, and new details.
New details from the kitchen.
New pictures and details of the Bedroom.
New details from the dinning room.
New details and pictures from the Bathroom.

I have got the last pictures of details from the Christmas room peek-box.

Another way to make picture frames on.
Under "Babyz"
I have corrected the page with sister sides on, as a lot of them were dead.
I have corrected the pages with links on, and there have put up a new one.
Under "Catz & dogz"
I have removed dead links, and put a new one up.

6th Januar, 2010

I have corrected some small mistaes in my scripts..
New colors on the page, with the wisch of a happy new year.
The old layout can be seen under: Old layouts.
Under "About me"
I have new weight results, it haven't been all that good in December month, but it is also a hard time.
Under "Dollhouse"
See how my Christmas room peek-box have shapend up, and remember to follow the work next Christmas, where I will work on it again.

New link for a very pretty dollhouse.
This is how you can make cute small Advents Calendars in Micro Stitching.
See under Christmas things, how I make small candles in candelsticks for the tree
See how you easy can make cute Christmas hearts.
Under "Babyz"
Now the For You gifts from the BAC are on there right places,
BAC will still be open for a few more days, before I remouve it for this year.
Larka have won some new awards.
Talitha have won a award.
And then I got a pretty Christmas gift.

4th December, 2009

Under "About me"
New scale results, oand a few new pictures of me, I reached another of my goals.
Under "Dollhouse"
See how I easy make a cute teddybear in cernit/fimo under: Toys

The old house I have been redoing, is now all done.

27th November, 2009

Under "About me"
New diet results.
Under "Dollhouse"
There have happened a lot more on the old dollhouse I'm working on.
New pictures from the bakery.
Dollhouse 4:
New details from the Hallen.
Under "Babyz"
Annie have won a new award award.
A new rocking horse have been send out.

19th November, 2009

Now Christmas time is here,and that is also going to bee seen here on this homepage, so there are new colors up now.
The old layout can bee seen under: Old layouts.
Under "About me"
New results in my "diet" my new life style.
Under "Dollhouse"
See how you can make pretty doorknobs, under: Furnitures / Doorknobs.
This is how you make pretty shelf borders with micro stitching.
After a wisch, I have now a tutorial on how to make the puppet, find it under: toys.
I have made a new menu, where you can see the things I have made for other people.
You can see the furniture's I made for a young girl here in Tim.
Here you can also see how I'm putting new life into a very old dollhouse.
Under "Babyz"
REMEMBER: Now it is almost time to open up the first door in the Babyz Advents Calendar..
I have got a pretty gift.
New links for babyz pages.
I have gotten a cool Halloween banner.
I have found another "find it".
Larka have won some cool pageant awards.
Makyla have won a pretty Halloween pageant.
A rocking horse have been send out, see the picture under: "a gift"
The page with BMP's that I made for you to use, without giving me credit, have been changed a little, so now you just right-click, and save as picture, then it is ready for use.
New longsocks for the babyz.
New babyz crowns, find them under: Caps and more/ Babyz Crowns.
Under Headbands there are a new one up.
Hew winter boots in For You color's.

31th October, 2009

Under "About me"
The page with my dieat have been change, I have lost a little more :-)
Under "Dollhouse"
In Dollhouse 4 there is new pictures here:
New pictures of the bedroom.
And new details from the bedroom.
New pictures of the Hallen and new details.
Nye detaljer fra spisestuen.
My garden peek-box is done now, see the done pictures of it.
Pictures of the garden peek-box have been updated.
New details from the garden peek-box .
I have made some more on my bakery peek-box .
This is how you make punch carpets/rug's, see under: Dollhouse ideas / Rugs.
See how you can make a pretty changing screen.
Another pretty idea for another chair you can make for your dollhouse.
Now there is also Needleworks magazines, under "News magazines / Commercials" that you can make.
See how I make cute slippers, under micro stitching.
Nice ideas for hangings like, mobiles and paper cuttings.
New ideas for ceiling lamps, under: ceiling lamps.
Under: pictures, you can see how I make clip frames.
Under "Babyz"
Annie have won a new award.

19th August, 2009

It is a long time ago I last did update my homepage, I'm very sorry about that.
I will update a little more often again now.
Now there are new colors on the homepage.
I have corrected some small mistakes on the homepage.

I tried to update the DRN's Babyz Forum, but as usually I got some kind of mistake done, so the forum was sadly down for some long time, I had to get some help from another person, but he made it work again.
I'm really sorry about this!
Under "About me"
I change the diet page,
as I sadly have gained a lot again, so the only thing there is working for me,
is a weight loos with a change of living.
I started on that the 3th of Juni, for now that is working really good for me.
Under "Dollhouse"
I have changed the menu for my big dollhouses a little, so it is easier to find around.
New exhibition in Skjern Library, of my things, see the pictures under: Exhibition.
New plant ideas under : Flowers / Flowers.
tree rose, fern and heart ivy.
Under: Candles, you can see how I make tea lights.
Under food, you now can see a few kinds of fast food.
Under: partythings, you can see how I make gift wrappings and bows.
And pretty present's.
Brand new, see my Bakery peek-box, that I'm working on.
And also my garden peek-box that I'm also working on.
New pictures of the bedroom in Dollhouse 4 and also new details.
New pictures of the Hall in Dollhouse 4.
New details of the bathroom in Dollhouse 4.
New pictures of the kitchen in Dollhouse 4.
New pictures of the dinner room in Dollhouse 4.
New pictures of the Library in Dollhouse 4, and also new details.
Under "Babyz"
I have got a new sister side welcome to "Meet Babyz".
New links under Babyz links.
A lovely new little girl, have commend to the family.
See a little about her on her page.
I have got a new wonderful God child Tracey.
Talitha have got a God mom, So now I only need a God mom for Leah.
Talitha have won her fist award.
Natan have won hes first award.
I have cleaned up on the page with my God babyz.
I have got new ideas for things to hexe.
Under "FunKeys"
I have got a lot of new FunKeys Tikki - Sprout and Lotus in the old serie,
So now I have all the Lotus figures.
Then I have got 2 * Flurry, sol, Nibble and Webley in the new Danish serie there have comed.
New card over Funkiki Island, for the once of you there like to see that one.

1st Juni, 2009

Under "Dollhouse"
See my dollhouse on TV Midt Vest, find the link under "Exhibitions".
New details from kitchen and hall in Dollhouse 4.
New pictures of the things in the dinner room.
New ideas under "Bakery" among other things you can see how to make doughnut's.
This is how I make fruits of fimo.
New ideas under flowers.
New "print ables" for the kitchen.
Ideas for For You kinds of rugs.

13th May, 2009

Under "For You"
I color eggs for the Easter table like this.
New jigsaws for you, that you can have some fun with.
New desktop picturesr.
Under: "Dollhouse"
There are new details in a lot of the rooms in dollhouse.
Now you can also see my dinner room, in dollhouse 4.
See pictures of my exhibition of few of my dollhouse things.
Read the article that the Ringk´┐Żbing-Skjern dagblad rode about my hobby.
New, a page with things I made for other people; ordered work.
Now there is a page with lots of good books for dollhouse building.
Under "Print it / Kitchen things" there is new things to print and make.
New idea under pictures.
Under candles, you now can see how I make candle cuff's.
Ideas for how to make small backs and suitcases.
Under "Food ideas" there is new things about how to make cool food for the dollhouse.
There you can also see some of the tools I use for making Fimo - Cerenit food.
See how I make fish and shellfish.
See how to make cool breads and things from the backer.
And a page with other ideas to make you food look real.
Now you can also make a Coloured scrap album.
Under "Babyz"
I have found a new find it.
I have got some new ideas for things there maybe can be hexed for the Babyz game.
New Sweaters for your babyz.
New Show girls for your babyz, I hope you like them.
Under "FunKeys"
I have got me some new FunKeys - Waggs, Vlurp, Berger and Tank trough Amazon.co.uk.
New map over the FukKeys land.

31th Marts, 2009

Under "For You" you find new desktop pictures in a Easter them.
I have a exhibition in April month, where I shw some of the things I have made for my dollhouse 4 If you live near Ringk´┐Żbing Library in Denmark you can go see it.

New ideas under "Micro stitching", now you can make glasses case's.
Idea for how to put things on your dinnertable, under "kitchenthings", Napkins with rings, and Placemat's runner's .
Under "furniture" you can see how I made a nice hanging bookshelf.
Under "print able" you can find some "gable boxes", ready to put together.
Under "Kitchen details/ small things" you now can find a box to put vegetables in.
New details in the bathroom of dollhouse 4.
Some of the pictures for dollhouse 4 have been updated.
Larka and Makyla, have won each a new award.
New Play Pens - "Close closet" for your Babyz.
New Play Pens - "Playroom" for your Babyz.
New HG Strapless dresses for your Babyz.
I have got another FunKey for my collection.

12th Marts, 2009

yes I'm older now, man the time is flying...
I had a great birthday, and thanks to all of you there did remember me.
There are now new colors on my homepage...
I have made some new drawings, and put them on my homepage.
New - this is how you make candles, and also candlestick's for the dollhouse.
New - make beautiful chairs for your dinning room in the dollhouse.
New ideas for how to make frames for pictures in your dollhouse.
New under kitchen things, see how I make Fimo fish and schellfish.
New ideas under flowers, make a flower three.
I have got a new baby - Talitha.
New sleeves onesie, for your babyz.
New bibs for your babyz.
New box with books in, find it with the other block buckets.
I have got some new FunKeys - 2 of Deuce and the whole Xenerfamily.

5th February, 2009

I have changed a lot in my menu's, hoping to make it easier to find the things you are looking for.
This layout is now up under old layouts.
New jigsaw for you.
New links on the page about me.
New drawings that I made this year.
New dollhouse links.
New idea on how to make a hanging plant, find it under: Flowers.
New Babyz link.
One dead link have been removed
New ideas for what I can hexe.
NewSS Jumper for your Babyz, under: wardrobe/suits.
I have got a new FunKeys - Bones.
New idea for a FunKey - Puzzle.
I have made a page with names on crib's that you can visit in the FunKeys game, Here you also can find the names on my 3 Cribs.

23th January, 2009

The old layout, are up on the page: old layouts.
New colors, I hope you like the new look.
The page about Pi are updated.
New mouvie about me.
I have been going trough all the links on all links pages, so now they all should be working.
36 good advice's if you like to loose weight, find them under: About me/ Diet

My dollhouse things, have got there own menu, so it is easier to find the things you seek.
New pictures from the bedroom in dollhouse 4.
New pictures from the kitchen in dollhouse 4.
The pictures of the Hall in dollhouse 4 have been updated to.
New idea's - see how to make pretty and easy furniture's.
New idea's - See how you make pretty shavingboxes: Storage/Shaving-boxes.
Paper laser art can be used for a lot of things, see under "Small things".
I'm running out for ideas on the help page, so if you have som ideas, no madder how impossible they sounds for you, then please mail me, and I will see what I can do.

I have got a few new ideas for what to hex.
The things from the Babyz Advents Calendar have been put back on there right places.
There will come a new Advents Calendar next Christmas.
I have got some very pretty Christmas greetings, see them under gifts.
Nim have got a rocking horse, because her sisters wanted to surprise her.
New babyz links.
New rattles for your babyz.
New lollipops for your babyz.
New birthday cakes for your babyz.
New page, with instrument on under: toyz/the toychest.
New page, with teddy's to cuddle with all night long, under: book shelf.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Now you can get hair brushes in For You colors for your babyz.
Now something totally new; I have discovered the game with the FunKeys figurs, see more in the menu for that.
New page, where you can see what FunKeys are.
See which FunKeys I have collected so fare, with some information's about them.
Page with tips and trix, small codes, and things you can do.
See the maps I have found in a big size, with names on the things, and a explanations on the diamonds.
Portal's, here I tell you which of my FunKeys there can walk trough which portal.
Gamer places, here I tell, the names of the gamer places, and you can see the FunKey there can play the game.
Page with ideas for new FunKeys that I made.
Page with links for other FunKeys pages.

16th December, 2008

I have gotten some small mistakes on my homepage corrected.
Thanks to all of you there have mailed me about them.
This is how I make windows for the dollhouse. See under: Doors / windows.
See how I make Christmas decorations for the dollhouse. Under: Christmas deco.
New Incredimail paper, now there is Christmas babyz paper.
New Petz links.
The link to where you can by the babyz game have been updated.
I hope you like the Advents calendar?
Amanda have got a rocking horse, for her wonderful dream picture.

28th November, 2008

A new idea about how to make flowers for the dollhouse, this idea is from Eva.
New Jigswas for you, have fun with them.
Remember to look by every day in December and open a new door.

Remember to change your forum link, so you have the right one.
New Babyz Trading Card.
I have found another find it.
New Hexe help, this is how you make the High Chair, but it is kind of complicated.
As it is complicated, I'm not giving any help with it, as I do not have the time for it.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Now there is doll toys for boys, see under: toychest / dolls.

30th October, 2008

The fourm have been mouved to a new version.

29th October, 2008

New look... the new colors are made with a picture tube I have found online.
The same colors are now also in the forum
The old layout are up on the page with old layouts.
New desktop pictures for you all.
New pictures of the bathroom in dollhouse 4.
Now you can see pictures from the kitchen in dollhouse 4.
This is how I make floors from old blinds, see it under dollhouse ideas/floors.
New see how I make the walls in my dollhouse under dollhouse ideas/Walls.
New link on the babyz link page.

14th October, 2008

More details of the bathroom in dollhouse 4.
See how you can make small clocks, under dollhouse ideas/small things.
This way I make a little note pad dispenser, dollhouse ideas/Notice board.
I have corrected some spelling mistakes on the For You diets pages.
On the page with our cats, there is a little video of them now, and a new photo collage.
New side award for the Catz and Dogz pages.
Ren´┐Że have won a pageant award more.
This is how you hexe the Cracker Boxs.
Under kitchen/small things, you find a new plate with fruit on.

17th September, 2008

Another idea how to make lamps for the ceiling in the dollhouse.
This is how I make panels for ceiling and floor, in the dollhouse.
This is how I make a cup of tee, and other fluids. (Find it under kitchen details)
Mini teddies for babyz.
New Tinker fan - wonderful that we are more now.

19th August, 2008

New babyz links, and othere have been corrected.
New icecreams for your babyz, ready to eat.
I have found another find it.

8th August, 2008

I have found another find it.
New page award have been send out to Elfland Woods Kennelz & Cattery.
New print and color drawing from peter.
New hexe tutorial, learn to change the colors of the food blob.
New hexe tutorial, learn how to hexe the Cookie jar.toy file into something els.
I have found more find it's.
NEW - NEW - NEW - now Tokyo Mew Mew costumes, for your babyz.

18th July, 2008

New puzzle, with picture of the cute little girl Debbie.
New links for Petz side's.
New Petz award for my homepage.
Annie, Saphier, Makyla and Larka have got a new award.
New babyz link's.
New under hexing help, learn how to hexe book's.
New snow globe, with the lovely girl Debbie.
I have got a wonderful little boy: Natan.
Natan have got hes own page.

4th July, 2008

There are new colors on my homepage.
The old layout are now up on the page with old layouts.
New Incredimail letterpaper for your program.
New paperdoll for you to color, cut and play with.
Ny doll maker, play with my "mini girl maker".
New Petz links, and there have been cleaned in my links.
Petz dreamz have got 96 point in side award.
New babyz links.
I have updated my page with sister sides links.
New socks, with flowers on.

24th June, 2008

I have changed a little on my menu, so it should be easier to find my dollhouses, and ideas.
New detailes in the bedroom, in dollhouse 4.
Under ideas/ small things, you can see how I make paper mugs for partys.
New under print it/ kitchen.
This is how you make real paintings, see it under: "Pictures"
New ideas for things to make with micro stitching.
New babyz links.
I have found another find it on one of the other babyz homepages.
My Babyz maker have been renewed, and put up in the first menu with the Bratz maker.

3th June, 2008

I have corrected some small mistakes on my homepage.
The link page have got ride of som dead links.
New sister side, welcome to Aria Love.

2nd June, 2008

NEW - NEW - NEW - Bratz maker... Make cool pictures of Bratz, by drag and drop.
NEW - NEW - NEW - New paper dolls you can print on magnet paper, color, cut and play with, they are made by my husband and I.
New PSP picture tube, made with pictures from Bratz maker.
New sweater's for your babyz with backyardigans on.

19th May, 2008

Make toys for your dollhouse, so the small once have something to play with.
More pictures of the bedroom, in dollhouse 4.
I have found another find it.
My homepage have got a SOTM award..
New sister side Funkalicious Babyz...
New Babyz links.
New Sleeveless Jumper with Blue clue for your babyz.
Makyla have won some more awards.

17th April, 2008

There is new idea page for dollhouse building, about how to make pictyres.
New ideas on the page with small things for dolhouses.
Dollhouse 4:
New pictures of the bedroom.
And new detail pictures from the bedroom to.
I have found another 2 find it's from Petz sides.
New links on the link page.
New animation, under own animations.
I have become God mother for the twines Naomi and Navaeh.
Ren´┐Że have won a new award.
New find it for you, Help Ren´┐Że to find her toyphone.
New playpen - Daycare, find it under: town.
The little nest, in the nursery are now in 3 more colors.
New Tube Jumper in purple colors for your girls.
New pants for your babyz.
New Onesies for your babyz also for boys.
New Cuties for your babyz.
New HG strapless in lovely colors for your babyz.
Now you can find Marshmallow bunnies, under: kitchen cabin/ boxes.
NEW - NEW - NEW - necklaces with 3 pearls, under acesseroies.
NEW - NEW - NEW - necklaces with 5 pearls, find them with the other once.
NEW - NEW - NEW - doctor toys for your babyz, find it under: toychest.

26th Marts, 2008

New scale results.
New print and color, under puzzelbook.
Pictures for dollhouse 1 are all new and in a better quality.
Pictures for dollhouse 2 are all new and better.
Pictures for dollhouse 3 have been updated to.
All pages with ideas for dollhouse building, have got new and better pictures.
Under: "Flowers", there are new ideas up for more flowers.
Under: "Everything boxes", there are a new type of boxes up.
Under: "Lamps", you find a new idea of how to make lamps.
Under: "Small games", you can see how I made the kalaha game.
I have god a God child more, the little boy Milan - Aurelius, there is Sigikids little boy.
Larka have won another award.
There is now flower pictures of Larka and Makyla on the page "4 ever babyz".

9th Marts, 2008

See Percy on his page, find it under: My "animals"/ Percy.
New scale results.
Now you can find papers for Incredimail.
Another Print and color picture: Puzzlebook.
See how I makes kitchen curtains, under: Dollhouse ideas/ Venetian blinds
Under Dollhouse ideas, there is a new manu, there is called: Kitchen detales, here you can see how I make some of the small details for the dollhouse kitchen.
New and more pictures from the bedroom.
See the video where I open up drawers in the little drawer in the bedroom.
See the video of the bathroom furnitur, under bathroom.
and the video of the furniture's in the libary.

I have got a little script, there makes it possible to have small videos on my homepage: MIDI Studio Consortium Home Page
Another rocking horse have been send out.
I have found another award on a Pet side.

24th February, 2008

I have been on Weight Watcher's point system in 4 month now, and I'm loosing weight nice and slow, so that is so cool, see and catch up in my results under: About me/Diet.
I have changed a little in the links I have to dollhouses, as a lot of them were dead links.
Another milk carton is up, to be printed and put together for your dollhouse.
Find it under: Dollhouse ideas/Print able/Kitchen.
Now there is a idea of how to make a hanging plant to your dollhouse, find the idea under flowers.
Under ideas for floors, I have made a little video, of how I make the stonefloor.
New under Dollhouse ideas: mouvies, se me make some of the small things for the dollhouse.
There are also new wallpapers up, that I have made, I hope you like them, and maybe even would use some of them.
I have changed my page with Picture tubes, and there are more of them up.
Now you can also find and download all the Picture frames I have made for PSP 8 (they can also be used in the newer versions of PSP)
New links for Petz pages.
I have gotten a lot of cool gifts.
I have re-sized my babyz, as I had a lot of babyz that I hardly ever did play with,
it was really hard, but I'm very happy to have a small family, and I will try never to make it any bigger.
New links for Babyz pages.
New under Babyz Hexe toturials, a idea fromLiz, about how you can avoid that clothing is rotating on the baby.
New Cuties, they are really cutre, if your babyz have the non rotating clothing script..

28th January, 2008

I have had homepage since 1997.
In 2002 I started to put my Petz, (at that time only catz) on the page, that ended up involving dogz also, and I made a lot of things for the games.
In April 2003 I bought this web hotel with the domain name. 2004 I started playing Babyz.
Now here to April, my homepages, as you know it becomes 6 years old.
New links on the link page for the Babyz game.
Learn how to hexe babyz step by step, made by Aida Pandur.
New play pen, a front yard, find it under: Garden.
Bulldogs and Tigers, now also have fan bathing suits, find them under: set.
Bathing suits in For You musters are up.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Find now Cuti shirts under: Blouses, lots of cute once.
Find the model under easy edit, ready to use in Tinker.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Dollhouses, ready to take out and play with, in For You colors.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Barbie dolls for the dollhouses, find them on the same side.

14th January, 2008

I have made some more snow globes.
New link for Petz pages.
I have found another Petz find it.
If you like to become a member in the DRN's Babyz Forum, then send me a e-mail, and I will make you a account.
The gift from the Advents Calendar, have been put back, where they belong.
The Advents Calendar will come up in a new version in December again.
Ren´┐Że have got her self a God mother.
Larka have won a award.
Makyla have won a award.
My page have gotten two babyz awards more, one for hexing qualitets, and one for the best forum.
Another rocking horse have been send out.
New ideas for things I can hexe.
Under Playpens you now find a new page called: "Other rooms".
Here you also find a new room: Cellar.
New playpen, the family room with the TV in have got new colors.
New playpen Pet store, find it in the city.
Find it also under start pictures.
New Playpen Shopping mall, find it in the city.
Find it also under start pictures.
Now also a super market.
Find it also under start pictures.
There is also a cinema now, find it in the city.
And a museum, with dinosaur's in.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Big doll's to play with, find them on the page with doll's.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Alphabet posters to hang on the wall's.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Tea pot and cups for your babyz to play tea party with, find them under: Toy kitchens.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Wristband's in lots of colors for your babyz, find them under: Assesories.

1. January, 2008

New layout, I hope you like the colors.
My Christmas layout is now up under old layout.
New link to cool free font, on the page cool links.
On the page with "how to's" for the Tamagotchier, you now also can find a how to for the Little Pets Shop "tamagotchier".
Ny Tinker fan are on the list.
New Babyz links are up.
More great hexing ideas.
Another rocking horse have been send out...
New Babyz trading card for the collection.
Atalia have got her own page.
New T-shirts with Adidas' mark on the tummy, find them under T-shirts.
New playpen - Snow white's home from the inside, find it under For You. (from Disney's Princesse theater)
New playpen - Cruise ship, so now you can go sailing, and have fun, find it under differeft.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Strawberries for your small once, ready to put in the mouth, find them under kitchen/small things.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Tube jumpers, in For You colors, find them under suits in the wardrobe.
You can also find my film strip for theTube Jumper under easy edit.

26. November, 2007

I have made a page with instructions on how to use Tamagotchier, find it under games, in the first menu . it is also there you find the abandonware things.
The Advents Calendar for Babyz fan's are ready, there is a lot of new and cool things for you in it, so remember to look into it every day until the 24th of December
I'm sure there is something in it, that you and your babyz will be really happy for.
I have got a new baby, Welcome to Melanie, there also have got a God mom .
She have got her own page, see here with all the other wonderful children I have.
I have got another new little girl - Atalia, that I have got from Cujokid.
Larka, have got a "thanks for participating" award.
Melanie have got her first award.
Makyla have got another award.
More pearls in a string for your babyz, in new colors.
NEW - NEW - NEW - now also a cross in a string, find them on the same page as the other pearls.

8th of November, 2007

Now there are new colors/ graphic up in the homepage, now we enter Christmas time , do my homepage need to be up to date there to.
My old layout are up on the page, with old layouts.
I have made a page called Abandonware, where I will put cute games up, that I have played, or still are playing, and there is Abandonware and therefor free for everyone.
I have found a old game called "Fin fin", there is on this page.
I have found another find it for Petz.
I have given out another dog and cat homepage award for Petz Pizzazz.
I have moved some of my playpens from For You to the city, as it is things you find in a city.
Now there is a library for your babyz, you can find it under the city.
New Play pen Honeymoon suite, find it under the city.
New play pen Circus, find it under For You.
New playpen, a photo studio, take cool pictures of your babyz. this is a big and cool playpen, I have used a lot of time on it.
Find that one under start pictures also.
Snow Whites house and Beauty and beast playpens (from Disney's Princesse theater), find them under For You.
Tofu for the small once, find it under small things.
Sushi ready to eat. I hope they like it.

26th of October, 2007

On my page with drawings, I have scanned the drawings in again, so they are in the right colors, and now you also can open them, there was a error on the page, but now it is all working, there is also newer drawings up now.
I have changed a little in the menu for the Babyz things, so the things in the closet, and the toy box is in alphabetical order.
ID hexe help have been changed a little, in the hope, that it is easier to understand now.
Bexie is my new God child.
New Playpen, a facade with a bench, find it under For You .
Under For You there is a Bass ball field now.
New ballroom playpen, find it among the castle room's. (from Disney's Princesse theater)
New castle room play pen, (from Disney's Princesse theater)
Mickey Mouse Nursery, with red colors.
Fruit salad under small things.
Chicken nuggets for your babyz, that they can enjoy, find them on the page with small things.
Under small things you can find a pumpkin pie.
New under plants a apple three, now you can pick apples the babyz can eat.
New bottles, with Cool aid, Strawberry Milkshake andOrange Soda.
New book with the little Mermaid Ariel.
New book with Aladin.
NEW - NEW - NEW - School backs, for the big shildren, find them under the attic.
Scottish clothing for your small once, find them under set.
New bathing suits with Hello Kitty on.
New masks, under Halloween, with Halloween musters on.
More pearl necklace with new colors.
NEW - NEW - NEW - pearls in necklace, just to take on and look good, find them in the wardrobe/ accessories .
NEW - NEW - NEW -Winter boots for your babyz, find them under food where.

18th of October, 2007

You have to install the Crazy talk program, but no worry, it is safe.
My sitpal sadly ran out, but now I'm on the front page my self.
Click on the little green arrow, to hear me speak.
Pi's page have been updated, Now you also can hear her saying hi, and sing "itzy bitzy spider" (in Danisch).
There is also new and better pictures of her in the slide show on Pi's page.
Bobby the clay dog I have gotten from Peter last Christmas in Advents gift, have got he's own page. watch him bark.
I have updated my page with my cat/cats on, see them alive.
On the page with picture of us, I have put my lovely Tigger teddy bear op, (I have got him from Peter).
New snowglobes.
There is now babyz and Petz on all the letters, on the letters page.
Nicole have won another award.
Louise have won another award.
Larka have won another award.
I have found another find it.
The clothing for Halloween have got it's own page, under Festivals / Halloween.
Another Frog ToyChest for your game, now in purple and redisch.
New bowls with food, Ramen and Macaroni & cheese.
New cups with Hot Choclate.
Hersky kissable ready to eat, under: Small things.
New playroom, with pictures of Betty Boop on the walls.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Squeaking pumpkin, there can be used in the bathtub, find it under: The toychest / Halloween.
NEW - NEW - NEW - New jar's with food, they now have a new color- Halloween Pumpkin, Pineapple, Cherries chunks, Peaches chunks, Pear chunks and Beans Jar.

9th of October, 2007

We have got a new Internet connection, and there have sadly been a few problems with it, but now it is working again.
A little new fun thing, I have got a site pal, there looks like me (a little), so now you can hear my voice.
I have got some cute gifts..
Zach have won 2 awards more.
Annie have won 2 awards more, and see her flight ticket to Germany.
Louise have won another award.
New Play pen - play by the garage, find it under backyards.
Building site, find it under play grounds.
Another Halloween Background (from Disney's Princesse theater),
And a castle entrance (from Disney's Princesse theater),
And the red carpet playpen find them all under: Castles.
Beach with Ariel's rock (from Disney's Princesse theater), find it under: beaches.
NEW - NEW - NEW Hippo ToyChests for your game.
New Frog ToyChest's.
Two Maggie Simpson bears, find them under: dolls.
A little My little Pony more for the collection.
New My little Pony bear, a big bear to play with..
New book with the Simpson's.
New diaper's, with Halloween musters on.
New bow's, with Halloween musters on.

26th of September, 2007

I have some problems with people, there can't leave me alone, that is why I took my e-mail down.
I have taken down my homepage from top 50 and top 10, as it isn't fun any longer.
The BC I once knew, is kind of falling appart, because of some lies and people there can't figure out how to behave...
Zach and Makyla have won some new prices.
New gifts from people in DRN's Babyz Forum..
New Bag yard to play in, with a totally new slide..
New play pen play hut in a three, find it under playgrounds.
New nursery with, cool flowers on the walls.
New nursery with the Simpson.
New family room with a birthday banner in, fine it under family room's.
New Playpen Halloween room, is really cool if you put the Pumpkin in the room.
Find the Halloween room under castle.
Find Pumpkin/JackOLantern under: Downloads/ From babyz.netz
Halloween cakes for the small once, find them under: kitchencabin/ small things.

7th of September, 2007

I totally forgot to write, that my homepage have got new colors in the last update, I hope you like them.
I have been trough a lot of my links, to remove dead links.
I have got a few new links on the babyz link page
I have got a sweat gift from Sigikid.
Now Lucky have finally got her own page.
The triplets have got at God mom.
All pages with my babyz on, have been changed a little.
Find lots of animations on the page with babyz animations.
two new find it for you, help Larka and Makyla, to find what they are missing.
New high chair in purple, find together with the rest of the.

4th of September, 2007

New link banners for my homepage, find them under the first menu / link to DRN.
The old layout is now up on the page with all my old layout's.
There was a mistake in my "Yellow Formal" zip file, that have been corrected, and it now looks like it is supposed to.
Valentin, Is my God son, se him on the page with God children.
Annie have got a God mom.
Larka and Makyla have both won a new award..

28th of August, 2007

I have made more on my dollhouse 4, there are new pictures of the whole house, as it looks now.
Now you can see pictures of the bathroom, and also detales.
I'm working on the Advents Calender again, si ig you have some great ideas, for the daily gift, then please do write to me.
As there have been a lack of pictures for the Babyz Maker Competition, I closed it down, you can still play with the babyz maker, and it is still possible to see who won what.
Samarie have got her first award.
New play pen - outdoor wedding scenarie, and a resturant, find them under For You playpens.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Bratz Giant dolls for your babyz (find them with the other dools).

22th of August, 2007

New homepage by Nicole and me, with things for boyz only.
New Links for babyz pages are up.
My lovely triplets have there own page now.
Larka have won some more awards.
Ren´┐Że have won another award.
I have found another find it.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Lisa dolls in diferent colored dresses.

1st of August, 2007

There haven't been any picture for the Babyz Maker competition, in a while, and in July my computer broke and I lost all my e-mails. But now there is life in the competition again.
Congrtulations to the new winner.
New Babyz homepages links.
I am now God mom to Rhia April.
I have changed the page with my God children a little, I hope you like it.
Makyla have won more awards.
Ren´┐Że also have got a new award.
I have got a "Mom of the month" award.
NEW - NEW - NEW teething rings for your babyz.

19th of July, 2007

New hexe help, how to hexe a book.

17th of July, 2007

A few ideas you can make for the dollhouse birthdays party.
There is two more homepages there have been aloud to put up some of my hexed babyz things.
All my babyz have got new top pictures, of them as angles.
I have found some more find it's.
I have downsized a little, 3 babyz.
Zach have got a God mom.
Seanna have got a God mom.
Makyla have got another award.
Nicole have got another en award.

10th of July, 2007

New print and draw, under puzzele book.
Pan and Saucepan for the toyz kitchens, find them there.
Now you can find all the originale Babyz toyz for downloading here!
New hexing ideas.

7th of July, 2007

Yes I have sadly been forced to get a new computer, as the old one did burn together, just like that, I did try to repair it, mbut it was impossible to find anything wrong on it, and it still do not work, as I don't know what is wrong with it, I had to get a new one.
New ideas for hexing.
I have corrected a few links.
I have found another find it.
Seanna have got a award and her own page.
Makyla have go a award.
Saphier have got a award.
I have got some pages gifts.
One more rocking horse have been send out..

7th of June, 2007

More ideas are up.
New playpen - a babyz Zoo...
Do also see under start pictures, how my drawing for this looked like.

5th of June, 2007

I have changed a little on the colors, as they were kind of Christmas like.
Seanna and Saphier have won a award - Seanna's page will come up later.
Larka have also won a award.
Then there is new banners for my homepage, they are made by Louise.

1st of June, 2007

New colors on my homepage, Easter is over now, so it needed something new.
The old layout is up.
I have changed a lot in all of my menues, because I hope that it will make my homepage more easy to see through.
Ditte have got her own page, under "about me".
Another lamp for the cealing under ideea's are up, see the pretty tifanny lamp I have made and how, under: hobbys/Dollhouse ideas/Cealing lamps.
My Little Pony picture tubes are up for you.
New links.
Get a side awards, is now up on all menues, so it is easy to find it, and there are new awards up, so remember to apply for them.
On my babyz index page, there is a cool picture made by lamia.
I have cleande in my babyz link, many pages have become oldies.
My "find it" have been taken down, and the moste of the presents have been put, where they belong.
New find it, with new gifts have been addet.
I have become God mom to Hana, Alexandra, Marissa and Bethany.
The moste of my babyz have now got a God mom.
I have got another gift.
I have found another find it.
More awards for my babyz, find them on there own pages.
My Baby Louise have got her own page.
My newest Baby Zach have also got hes own page.
I have got a banner with Annie.
Saphier have got a banner from Louise.
New Babyz Trading Card..
New Babyz for downloading ffom Hayley.
New ideas to hexe..
Now you can find a trampolin under: workout things.
New family room, turn on the tv, and see Makyla dance.
New Clothes Closet for you and your babyz.
NEW - NEW - NEW - One Sleeve Onseie for your Babyz
NEW - NEW - NEW - Tricycles for your babyz to sit on.
´┐Ż NEW - NEW - NEW - Tpy kitchens the small once can play with.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Sanilor moon clothing, the 5 girls outfint find them under costumes.

1st of May, 2007

Now you can find some of my old paper dolls, that I had as a child,and you can print them out to use your self, Under: hobbys/ puzzelbook.
New updated picture of the dollhouse 4's bedroom.
New updated picture of the dollhouse 4's hall.
Remember to vote for my homepage at the, Top 50 site list.
New links on the Babyz link page.
New winner of the BMC.
New sisterside, Welcome to Babyz Garden.
I have found some more find it's.
New fan picture form Aida, thank you for the beautiful picture.
New Babyz link.
New ideas for what to make is up.
Under costumes/other, there now is a little chinadress.
Then I have got two new wonderful gils.
I have got another God baby, Pepper.
Larka and Emily have won another award, and Larka have got a lovely banner.
Kara have won a award.

April 1st, 2007

My dog Chip (computer dog) sadly broke,so he isn't any more, see who he was on: abut me / Chip.
New picture tube with cats for your Paint Shop Pro..
Another winner of the BMC.
Now I'm also a God mom to Cassie..
Another rocking horse have been send out.
I have been trough all my links for babyz pages, so there shouldn't be any dead links anymore.
Larka and Ren´┐Że have won a award.
New sisterside, welsome to Babyz Paradise. (there is a German homepage)
New ideas for what I can make to Babyz.
Jaa Carrie had Makyla laying, so now she is home again.
New babyz for downloading, from Hayley, look at the cool babyz she made under: Hexed Babyz / Hayley.
Under ToyChests there now is a new one up for you.
Now there is Mints and Chees dippers for your babyz under: bokses.
New flag for your babyz.
New under playpens - Castles - find a big nice castle hall.
Now you can find "Tigers" fan clothing under: sets.
New Tshit Tex.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Now you can get tubes for your babyz, find them under: Wardrobe / Summer thing / tubes
Easy edit filmstrib for tubes are also up.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Now you can find hair BMPs to use on the babyz you hexer, I do not need any creadit for them.
Find them under: Hexe help / My hair BMPs.

March 14th, 2007

New graphic, so now we are in the Easter. Good Easter to all of you.
The old colors are up under old layouts.
Under pictures of us, you now can se a little "mouvie" on 3.15 min, about my life.
Under "cool links" there is a new one up.
New links on the babyz links page.
Larka have won her first award ever.
"Babyz Ball list" is now up under hexe help, learn to use Ballz, and se the whole list of them.
New Nursery Midnight.
New Kitsch in new colors.
New books, a book with child times.
And a couple with Easter pictures in them.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Jay Jay the jet plane Toys.

March 8th, 2007

New BMC picture tubes... Have fun doing some fun.
Yes then it finally happened, my pc shut down, and I lost a lot of my Babyz, I had just remade the cd, where I keep all my babyz safe on But for some reason, the new cd didn't contain all of my baybz, so Now I have lost 12 babyz, and I'm down on 10 Babyz in my game, the really sad part Is that I also did loose a forever baby in the fall - sniffles -
So now I have made a memorial page, where I and you can be reminded of the small once there Sadly isn't any more.

SO there are new ideas on the idea page.
New gift (get well soon) from Sigkid.
I got a new fan picture for the forum.
New Easter bunny outfit under: costumes - bunny's.
New theater Playpen under For You.
Also do go se the drawing that it started from.
Get on board on a pirate ship...
Lots of new Nursery's.
New playrooms.
New book with Jay Jay the jet plane, and Mew Mew.
New hexe help, learn how to make playpens.

March 1st 2007

Under a little about me, you now can find pictures of me and my family.
Under toyz for Petz, you now find a link for Minibyte's, where you now can find some of my babyz things for Petz.
New BMC winner... It is also to day, that BMC is having a 2 years birthday..

New babyz links.
I have got 3 more babyz, Kara, Larka and Nicole... See them on there pages..
I have got a lot of cute birthdays banners for my birthday... Thanks very much to every one in DRN's Babyz Forum..
New fan picture from Shelbi - thanks.
Jin Li have got another award... Jubiii..
Makyla have got another award.
Ren´┐Że have got more awards awards.
Kara have got her new award.
Hexe help is now easier to understand, as I have made a fast walktrough of wich help you need to do first, so read it good before you start Find it under hexe help.
New Nursery in blue colors for you.
New Christmas backyard Play pen.
New diaper and top's sets for your babyz.
New flags for babyz.
New icecream and frossen youghourt til dinefor your babyz.
Under choclate you now also find: Choclat Parfait, oandg Banana split.
Under small things you now also find: gummy bears, salt crackers, Blueberry wafels, Oreo's, Pancakes with sirup, Apple pie, Bread sticks and Candy Kisses.
Under dinners you now find Brownies with sprinkles, and toasts.
New bottles with For You content to drink for your babyz ..
Under boxes you now also find Pop Tarts.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Now there are toothbrusche's for your babyz.
You now find a normal Tanktop filmstrip under "Tinker help 2".

February 1st, 2007

New winner of BMC.
New babyz links.
Another rocking horse have been send out.
I have found another find it price.
Emily a few prices, I'm proud of her...
Makyla have won another pageant price .
New sisterside, welcome to Babyz Luv...
See the floor plan over my babyz home under: my babyz.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Clothing set for your babyz, now you can find Bulldog's fan clothing.
NEW- NEW - NEW - Sleevless Jumpere for your babyz in a lot of colors.
Sleevless Jumpere are also up as a filmstrip.

January 17th 2007

New sister side for my Catz and Dogz pages, welcome to Strawberry Chocolate Kennelz and Cattery.
The things from the Advents calendar have been put on there right spaces.
the Advents calendar will be back next Christmas.
So if you by now have some good ideas for that calendar, then please do send them for me.
2 new letters are up O and U.
Joy jumper is up as Tinker help.
New rocking horse have been send to Renae.
Emily that I got of Louise from funkalicious, have now got her own page.
All the originals clothing for the game is now up under: download/original clothes.
New playroom with Ottifant...
NYT - NYT - NYT - Now there are Joy Jumpers for your Babyz, find them under: Clothing closet / suits /Joy jumper.
NYT - NYT - NYT - Little Petz Shop animals just to play with..
You find my picturtubes in the first menu, as there also is other things as Babyz picturtubes. Find all the animals from "Little Petz Shop" as Picturtube for PSP 8 or lower.

January 2nd, 2007

I have been trough all my Catz and Dogz links..
I also did get a little Christmas gift for the Catz and Dogz pages.
New winner of the BMC.
New fan picture. thanks Louise.
I have found another find it.
Another rocking horse have been send out.
New ideas on the idea pages.
Now you can find a parrot toy under: dolls.
New flower seeds to plant.
New Clothing closet for you.

December 22th, 2006

I hope that you all have had fun with my Advents Calendar, I have got some sweat mails about it. Thanks to all of you, there have been writing me...
I will let it stay a little longer.
My layout have got new colors, I hope you like it.
The old layout are now also up under: old layouts.
I have changed my blinkis link (glitter picture)
My E-mail address is up again.
New links under Babyz links...
New cool of Malyla made by Sparkle.
A new puzzel, of the pictures that Sparkle have made of Makyla.
New fan picture thanks a lot for that Kat.
and a gift from Louise, Thanks a lot.
a gift from Marissa, Thanks a lot.
Hayley have become guest Babyz hexer, welcome to you and yours...
I have got two new lovely babyz from Hayley.
Layla Tierra have got her own page, read about her on that page.
Miya have got her own page, read about her on that page.
More pictures of my Babyz,on the page with pictures.
Now you can find all the original downloads, that you for long time ago could find on babyz.net, find them under: Downloads.
The same place you can find the original rooms for downloads.
New rattles in Christmas look, find them with the other rattles.
Candy Canes in lot of variety, for your babyz.
Tacos, Burgers and Hot dogs under: menues.
I have corrected the page with ties on, as they could not be downloaded before, now it is working.
I finally found out how to use linez, so now my pacifiers have got a ring in them.
A new jumper is up for downloading.
New small onesies for your babyz.
Zebra costume now also have a mane.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Lots of mittens.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Gloves in For You colors.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Short Sleeves Jumpers.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Cutie Jumpers.
The film stripe for the four things are also up.
New kitchen,with blue cabin's, for your Babyz.
New backyard with a tent, that you can glide down of the side, and you can plant flowers.
Find also the tent in the wood, find it under: play pens/woods.
New family room in beautiful blue colors for you.
New Nursery, with Care Bears and with Petz.
The same family room, decorated for Christmas under: play pens/Christmas play pens/family room.
New years Playpen, with beautiful fireworks to look at, find it under: play pens/Christmas play pens/winter backyards.

December 5th 2006

Now my forum is open.
I have corrected the mistake in my forum, so now it is working fine. Go and have fun.

December 2nd, 2006

I have taken my e-mail adress down for the moment, as I'm not in the mood for people there can't talk nice to me.
Another rockind horse have been send out.

December 1st, 2006

Now the Christmas time have started , and it is time for you to open a door every day, I hope you all will be happy for the many Christmas things.
Have fun.
New winner of the BMC. More rocking horses have been send out.
New Babyz link on that page.
I have changed in some of my hexing help, to make them easier to understand.
New snow globe
Makyla, Ren´┐Że and Kelly all have won a competition.
One new Jumper for your Babyz.
New Playpen, under For You: Teater.
New Playpen category: The city, here you can find the: Babyz Town, Babyz clothing and Toy store.
some of the new Playpens are also on the: look how they were made page.

November 11th, 2006

I have changed almost all my jumpers ID numbers, so they are closer to each other in the numbers, so if you have some of my: jumpers - Christmas jumpers - Easter jumpers, or my care bears, you should download them again, so new once I make will not collide with any of the old jumpers ID numbers...
New winner of the BMC competition, this is sadly a little late, I'm sorry about this.
More ideas on the help page.
New "side of the month" award for my side.
New babyz link.
Jubilee is sadly been closed, this is sad.
But I have then got a new sisterside, welcome to- Beach Bum Boutique.
Another sisterside, welcome to- I'll Be There Nursery.
Another rocking horse have been send out.
I have received some really cute Halloween pictures, see them under gifts.
I have found another Babyz find den.
New hexe help, get ride of BMP's, so they do not fill up the Clothing folder.
NEW - NEW - NEW - HG Strapless, sweat dresses without straps find them under: the wardrobe/party clothing/dresses no strap.

October 23th, 2006

I'm still working on the Babyz Advent's calendar, it is a big work, but I'm sure that you would like it this year. if you had fun with it last year, then you should defiantly be with this year to, then there is a lot of good things in it.
To you there wasn't with last year, then the Babyz Advents Calendar have some new download able things for the game each day in December until Christmas evening, so come and open up one new door every day.
you still can send in your Christmas ideas, for what you liked to find behind one of the door's for your Babyz (only thing's there is having something to do with Christmas).
I have got some new picture-gifts, thanks so much for them all.
New fan picture, thanks Lilly!
I have changed a lot on my Babyz menu, to make it shorter in a hope to make it more easy to find around.
New links under new and old Babyz links.
Another rocking horse have bee given away.
So there is new Nursery's, 4 boys room's, one girl's room and one for them both.
New under wood Playpens, a climbing tree, so now the boys really can go have some fun.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Now you can get a birth certificate for your new borne Babyz (and a frame to hang it in, and some small babyz bears)
NEW - NEW - NEW - HG Strapless is now up under filmstrip, find it under hexe help/ Tinker help 2.

October 11th, 2006

Bridesmaid in green, purple and red colors and Sleeping Beauty under: costumes / Disney princesse.
New idea's on the idea pages.
My homepage have got another award.
Larka have made me a really cool banner of Makyla for me, thank you so much, see it on Makyla's page...
I have changed my bib's a little..
New Playroom playpen.
New snow globes with Babyz.
Piper have finally got her own page.

October 2th, 2006

New snow globes.
New tinker fan, welcome to Yellow starlight Babyz.
New fan picture .. thank you Larka.
New winner of the Babyz Maker Competition.
I have received a "Side Of The Month" award.. Thanks so much.
New PSP 8 picture tube fro, the picture there was in the BMC.

September 26th, 2006

New colors on the page. The beautiful snow crystals are a picture tube, that I found on the Internet. (Sadly I forgot where)
The old Layout is up.
Now you can send Babyz e-cards from my homepage. so go and write as much you like...
I have found one more find it.
I have got a fan picture, thanks Sparkle-chan, it is really cool.
I have got a coupon for a "look a like doll" from Hexies Galore find it under awards.
And I have gotten the cutes doll, there look like my Makyla for the coupon.
Then there is more ideas on the idea page, thanks for that.
There is a new Jigsaw.
I have cleaned in my babyz link's.
I have also cleaned in my Catz and Dogz link's.
New you can now find the filmstrip for the HG Dress and the HG Tanktop under: Hexe help/ Tinker help 2.
New Play Pen under For You: Park with a fountain.
New goodies for your Babyz under: Candy and more.
NEW - NEW - NEW - I made it, now there is also a basket to put things into.
NEW - NEW - NEW- Find the cute HG Dress's in the wardrobe under: Party clothing.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Sweat HG Tanktop's for your Babyz.

September 10th, 2006

As I'm starting to prepare the new Advents Calendar, I sadly do not get to make so much other things for you, I'm sorry about that, but you can look forward to a really cool Advents Calendar, with a lot of cool things for your Babyz.
New under Babyz, for the future you can find the pictures there have been mailed to me for the BMC as Picture tubes for PSP 8.
I have got a new "site of the week" award-- thanks a lot for that.
New Tinker fan.
New books for you, Vickie from Pet Zoo have given me permission to use her animal pictures to make books with, find the cool result under books.
New Play pen take a trip to the farm, find it under For You play pens.

September 1st, 2006

More good ideas from you out there, thanks a lot for all of them.
New snow globes.
Lilly had birthday the 30th of August, she have got a special made book, find it under books.
New winner of the BMC - -

August 21th. 2006

Witchy Babyz have changed name to: Lions and Tigers and Bears Babyz.
New Tinker fan.
More ideas under help.
I have changed the menu for Play pens, so Christmas and Easter room are up for them self . I hope this makes it a little easier to find what you are looking for.
I have this time tried to make a lot of the ideas there have been mailed to me, and I hope you can find something, you can use for your Babyz.
Another rocking horse have been given out.
New Nursery's
New Family room
New Playpens under For You, now you can play in: The church and in the Dicso,
Many new jar's with food, find them under food jar's.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Flags to celebrate birthdays.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Princesse's dress, is now on a page for them self under costumes, now you also can find Bell.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Work out thing's for your Babyz.
NEW - NEW - Now you can see some of the drawings that I used to make some Play Pens after, (the scanned drawing and the done result).

August 1oth, 2006

New sister side, Welcome to Witchy Babyz.
Some new links for you.
Hexies Galore, Is back to life again, that is so wonderful, welcome back to the BC.
More rocking horses have been send out.
New fan picture, thanks Carrie.
New Babyz Trading Card.
New ideas under: help!!
As I like to make some books, with pictures from Petz, I would be happy if you all mailed me some nice pictures of your Catz and Dogz, so they can become eternal in some Babyz books.
Now you can get the T-Shirts i all the cotton colors there is in the game.
And lot of other TShirts.
Now more Onesie in cool colors and musters.
New updated pictures of the bedroom in dollhouse 4.
New updated pictures of the hallen in dollhouse 4.
Now the library is also on a page - Dollhouse 4.
Now there is ideas for how to make cool floors.

August 1st, 2006

Wow the 19th of July I had a 100 visitors.
Thanks to every one of you, there love my homepage this much.
You make it worth to keep updating.

August 1st, 2006

New Tinker fan, welcome to Enfance.
Sticky finger, have change name and moved, the homepage is now called Jubilee...
Find it under sister sides.
Sadly no one have joined the BMC this month.
So no new winner.
Now there are new things in my Babyz Maker, Take a look, and make a picture for the competition!!
There have been send more rocking horses out.
New Babyz Trading Cards.
New wood play pen for your Babyz, now you can take a trip in the wood.
New nursery play pen for your Babyz.
Under For You Playpens, you now also can find: a house trailer, a garden with pool, and a danscing school.
15 new Jumpers for your babyz, look all the page trough, they are two places.
New tennis ball, find it with the other ball's.BR> New Onesies Long sleeves for you, in cool tie dye look,find them on page two.
NEW - NEW - NEW - now there is normal headbands, without any nips on for your babyz.
NEW - NEW - NEW - my little pony is now, on the page with toyz.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Hand soap for you to wash your babyz with.
NEW - NEW - NEW - summer shorts with cute musters on...
Under Hexe help Tinker 2, you now find the filmstrip for shorts.

July 11th, 2006

I'm sorry, that it takes so long time for me between my updates for the time, but I have got a job with translating some English pages into Danish, this is a big job, as there is 52 pages to translate... My work
When I'm done, I will make some more things for you!!!
The page "Petz Yellow Page Directory" are now up under Catz and Dogz links.
One more rocking horse have been send out.
Tayler have got her own page.
Hatti have also got her own page.
Lots of new snow globes, that you can admier.
Babyz link, have been updated, new links for you...

June 29th, 2006

Now there are new drawings up, so you can see them.
Read the Family Journal's article about me, under: About me/ article's.
Isobel Barlow won this months BMC, congratulations....
Annie have got a award.
I have found another find it.
New sister side, welcome to: yellow starlight babyz.
There are more babyz there have got a rocking horse.
Remember to send in your picture to get a rocking horse...
New nursery, with Eeyore, find it under nursery's.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Bow headbands for your babyz, find them under: Caps and other.
New nursery for Pets 5 with Eeyore.

June 1st 2006

New colors again- - - -
The page with our daughter have been updated - new pictures.
New gift - award from Angelica thanks so much...
New pictures of all my babyz.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Flower hat's for your babyz...
Under other Play pens, you now find the hospital room for sick babyz. .
New sister side, welcome back to Fierworks Babyz.
New winner of BMC - congratulation Bree Nicole.

May 18th, 2006

I have changed my layout a little, new colors - hope you like them.
Join the news mail, and get a mail, when I have a big update.
I have got gold award form BB thanks so much...
I have also got a mothers day gift. . . . Thank you.
New funny hats under accessories for costumes.
New book for your babyz.
New puzzle for you with babyz.
Now it is possible to see al the Babyz Trading Cards I have made in normal size, and you can still get your babyz on BTC.
There is new questions under pool - more questions.

May 10th, 2006

Dollhouse 3 is done!!
I have got the last pictures up for you..
There is still missing a picture of the front of the house, but it will be up to.
New pictures of the bath room, there is done.
there are more pictures of the cozy room, and of the attic.
This layout are up under old layouts...
There have been given out a lot of rocking horses, congratulations to all the lovely babyz.
Please remember it is only one of the speaking bubbles on mu homepage you may use to get the price...
New ideas on the page help .
Now all my babyz have got there name sig again.
New gift I have got from THPN forum.. New books for your babyz.
New playpen - bathroom, find it under For You playpens.
New playground the sand box.
New things to take to the beach - shovels and buckets.

1 May, 2006

Now the pages with my dollhouse 4 have been updated.
New pictures under bedroom.
New pictures under Hallen.
New winner of the BMC congratulations. .
I have corrected a mistake in "Attic old" non overwriting, so now it is working. . .
I have updated my Babyz link page.
New ideas under Help..
I have found another find it...
New fan pictures, thanks for the nice pictures...
New funny hats under accessories to costumes .
Maria Burtons have got the right to put up some of my things one her homepage.
So now I have got Monica's and Makyla's hair credit right...
New snow globe with tinker bell in for your babyz.
New Babyz playpens... see under play grounds.
Totally new Play pens For You kinds.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Now there are mini bears for your babyz . .
NEW - NEW - NEW - You now can get a special gift for your babyz .... see under: Find den / a gift.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Marilyn Monroe clothing find it under: costumes / other

April 19th, 2006

Yes my PC have done it again, yesterday it crashed,and I lost all my e-mail.so sadly I lost all the pictures for BMC that I had gotten, so please be so kind and re mail me a new picture for the competition thanks, I'm really sorry about this.
New fan picture from Ashley Davis and Marcy, see them under fan pictures.
I got some new gift's to my babyz side.
New ideas under Help!.
New Jigsaws for you, with pictures mailed to me..
Aundria have got another award . . .
Now something totally new, you can download my Playpens, as a env file only , there can overwrite the original, or used as a new play pen...
Remember to read the first page under Play Pens about how to do!!
Totally new and special play pens for you...
New nursery's..
I have finally corrected the error in the mobile, so now it is working right.
New kitchen for your babyz...
Forest play pens for your Babyz.
Babyz playhouse from outside and inside.
New long socks for your babyz.
New onesice with sleeves for your babyz.
Now there is a lot of new book's for your Babyz.
New Tinker fans...
New Animations of my babyz. .
More pictures of my babyz . .
New snow globe, with Halley and her kitten. .
Monica - Makyla and Elayne have finally got there own pages.

April 5th, 2006

My PC have been to repair, so that the BMC haven't been judge before now, I'm sorry about that.
New jigsaw for you, remember to mail me your pictures.
Rene´┐Ż have won a award.. Jubii.
Jin Li have won a award.. Jubii.
There was a mistake on my English page with the children's chairs, that I haven't seen, thanks to Alex, There told me about the problem.
I have got a new gift, see the nice picture of all of my babyz.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Now there are also caps for your babyz.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Small hats for your babyz, find them in many colors.
NEW - NEW - NEW - many For You hats and other things costumes / assessors.
New winner in the Babyz Maker Competition.

Marts 16th, 2006

New background picture.
The old layout are up on the page with Layouts.
I have changed a little in the menu under Babyz/ wardrobe, so the clothing are in category's, This should make it easier to find what you seek.
New fan picture from Chris thanks a lot.
There are new pictures of my babyz under: more pictures.
New sister side, Welcome to Babyz Of Mine.
Pick A Pet have won a Coooll dogz side award.
Remember to apply for your side award.
New babyz links.
New snow globe with Jamie inside.
Tinker 1.9 is up for downloading download.
NEW - NEW - NEW - PDH Summer top's, I have got a special permission to re hex and put them on my homepage, so enjoy them under: summer clothing / PDH Summer tops.
NEW - NEW - NEW - under wedding clothing, is now a wedding vile with yellow "flowers", find it under: party clothing.
NEW - NEW - NEW - coveralls, there can be used outside on every kind of blouse, find them under: pants.
NEW - NEW - NEW - now there are also Glass of fun, small fun glasses with things in, find them under: book shelf.
NEW - NEW - NEW - dress your babyz as a elephant, look under: costumes / others.
NEW - NEW - NEW - real crowns, look under: Caps and more / Babyz Crowns.
If there is any of my hexed clothing, you like in other colors, or with a BMP file you have made, then write me, and I will se what I can do for you.

Marts 10th, 2006

There have sadly been a lot of tubules with my changing of phone company, so that is why it haven't been possible to get a new e-mail address before now, and it have been impossible to upload my updates, but now everything should be working fine again. I'm sorry about all the troubles..
I have had a lot of asthma, and have been in the hospital since Sunday morning, I'm sorry, that I haven't got to update before now, I'm sorry about this.

I have changed a little in the way the things are on my babyz menu.
New sisterside, welcome to Mei Mei.
New pictures of all of mu babyz.
Thanks to Debbie, there have made the beautiful name sig.
Aundria have got her own page.
Aundria have won a BIS award.
Jin Li have got her own page.
New pictures under: more pictures.
New Sweaters.
Finely there HAVE been found winners in my birthday BMC competition, congratulations for the winners.
Winner and every one there joined have got a message about this, and prises have been send out.

February 27th, 2006

Now my mail have been closed,and I will get a new one in some day, I will put it up, as soon as I know it my self.
New snow globe with a cat inside.
New sister site, Welcome to Pritty in Pink.
I have found some more find it's.
I have got some new gifts, thanks a lot for them all..
More fan pictures - thanks a lot for them all, it is warming my heart.
Ren´┐Że have won in a pageant show...
I have updated my page with Babyz links .. .
Some new jumper's.
New Tshirts Tex for your babyz.
there are new under food jar's. . .
NEW - NEW - NEW - now it is finally here, weddings things and clothing, so you can play wedding with your babyz.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Now there are masks for your babyz.
New link under Catz and Dogz links.
New play pens for Petz 5 under Play pens / outside.

February 12th, 2006

To morrow I will be 32 years old - Happy birthday to me...
Sadly there was something wrong with my homepage, if it is my scripts, or if it is the server is unknown, but the problem is doing so that on some computers you can't se all of my pictures, the most of you don't have any problems, but there is some there have a lot of problems, I'm very sorry about this, I have tried to do something about it...
so if you find a thing not working, I would like you to mail to me.
Thanks for your patients!!

I have put a lot of my homepage to run with CSS, what will make it a lot easier for me to redo it, but it have taken a long time for me to do this. . what is the reason for that I haven't done much els on the page...
I have made this change, hoping that the homepage will work right on every computer.

I have got another Babyz page award.
I have got more ideas for hexing.
New layout, Debbie have made it for me, thanks for that....
I need babyz pictures to my Babyz Trading Cards, please join your lovely babyz...
new banners to link up to my homepage with.. find them under: index / link to DRN
New Tinker fan, Welcome to Honey Pot Nursery...
Remember my Babyz Maker Competition, We are celebrating the first years of it, by selecting two winners...
A new Show girl is up.
Two new Crowns for your Babyz.
New Jumpers for Babyz
NEW - NEW - NEW - Little Onesies for your babyz.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Onesies tex with a little longer sleeves than normal, for your babyz.

February 1st, 2006

We are getting a new phone connection, so I will get a new e-mail address, this will be around the 20th of February, As I don't know my new e-mail before that day, this is giving some small problems So please don't mail me on the old mail after the 19th.... I will put my new mail op as soon as I get it ...
I'm sorry about the problems it will bring....
Remember to join the next month Babyz maker competition, I celebrate the 1 year birthday of the competition, and will find two winners, so please do join. .
I have changed a little in the colors in the menu so now it is easier to read.
Now my Christmas and this layout are up under "old layouts" . . .
I have been cleaning in my Petz links, so there isn't any dead ones between.
I also cleansed out in my babyz links, so there shouldn't be any dead once in between.
New under Hexe help: Tinker help, this is how to use Tinker . .
Is there any one there know of more of the BMP's there is in the babyz game? some I don't have on mu list, then please tell me there name, i would love to have them on the list...
More pictures of my babyz under: more pictures.
New Show girl is up.
New sister side. Welcome to Care Bears.
I have found another Babyz find it .
New babyz forum, find it on the page with babyz links.
New winner of the Babyz maker competition.
New ideas under help.
Mirinda have finally got her own page.
Now as something totally new I have Jigsaws for you, with babyz, find them under Babyz / Jigsaws, you can also mail me pictures, of your babyz, then I will make a jigsaws from it.
New costumes, now you also can play Cheerleaders and Cinderella, find them under costumes / others.
New picture frames, turned around...
New pictures for the new frames.
There are new jumpers a new Onesise, They was made by Angelica, but now I have all rights, and I did alter them a little. .
NEW - NEW - NEW - now there are Longsocksfor your babyz, Socks there are to the knees.
NEW - NEW - NEW - medicine bottles for your babyz.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Piano's with new sounds.
NEW - NEW - NEW - small chairs for your babyz, that you can bring around in the house, they are made of the pillow, so your babyz can sit on them.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Care bears costumes for your babyz, find you favorite Care Bear.

January 18th, 2006

New colors on my homepage, I haven't anything falling down over my menu any more.
I hope you can like it.
2 new snow globes with Dogz in. .
I have found some more Babyz find it.
A new idea for something I can make to babyz .
New under Hexe help, I have made some small BMP pictures / files, there can be used as they are for new clothing to your babyz . .
Now there are also color charge with the numbers of them under: hexe help/ game color.
on the page with existing game BMP files, have I put new and better pictures up.
I have become god mom to Jamie Lynn.
Now there are also a Pink Leopard under Costumes for your babyz.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Now there are also light sabers from Star Wars for your Babyz, this is a non dangerous toy. .
NEW - NEW - NEW - Now there are also dogz costumes for your Babyz.

January 1st, 2006

I have closed my forum, there isn't many visiting it any more, and the once there are coming are either pervert or unashamed, I'm sorry about that, but I don't like that kind of behavior, so I close it up for good.
I have corrected a error so now the "Candel Red" is also possible to download.
I have changed some small mistakes in the ID numbers for the Deco clocks so they work fine to.
NEW - NEW - NEW- Things to celebrate the new year.
New winner of the Babyz maker concurrence.

December 27th, 2005

I have got a mail about a broken link, the link have been removed thanks for telling me.
Then there was a problem with my Aminnea cat, the file name was for some reason wit big letters, my old ZIP program was teasing me a lot of times, thanks for telling me about it, the error have been corrected.
New globe with a dogz in.
New link to catz and Dogz pages.
I have now a little over 700 hexede files, that you can downloaded for your Babyz games, that is both clothing and toys, so I think I can say that I have the biggest assortment of things for you, and I guarantied that all files works at the same time.
Beside of that I have a lot of Play pens to the game, you can find a new look for all rooms in Babyz.
New sister page, I'm happy to be able to say welcome to Purple Flower Babyz.
Now are all the things from the Advents calendar been put back on there right places,
The advents calendar will will come back in a new look with new gifts next year.
I hope you all liked it ! !
New dolls for your babyz, find them under toyz / the toychest / dolls.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Onesise with long sleeves for your babyz, find them under: Onesise.
NEW - NEW - NEW - now there are also Party dresses for all party girls.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Now you can find Top + Diaper, the two things can be use with other things together or separated, maybe with the skirt from the party dress.
Now there are Gatorade and Mountain Dew for your Babyz.
The clothes closet have been decorated for Christmas.
Now the barbie room I made for our daughter are up under hobbies.
I have updated some of the pictures to the dollhouse 4.
Look how I made the little notice board in the hall under ideas.

December 1st, 2005

Now our new cat's are home, and we did get two.
Now you can send babyz greeting cards from my homepage,
send sweet carts to your friends under / frontpage.
New winner of the Babyzmaker competition
New BTC find it under Trading cards.
New links on the Babyz links page...
I have found another babyz find it.
Under Play pens / backyard, you now find a beach with extras.
I have changed a little on the page with Christmas trees on, and put some new once up.
Now there are also "Baby fishes" under: candy and more.
Now there are also "Candy corn" under: candy and more.
New pillows for babyz.
New carpets for your babyz.
There are new ball's for you, now some a little bigger.
NEW - NEW - NEW - small toy planes for your babyz to play with.
NEW - NEW - NEW - bathtoys to use in the tub.
New for Hexere, I now got a page with all the BMP file's there are build into the game.
New hexe tutorial, how to avoid that the toys and clothing are colliding with each other or the original file.
I have removed the hexe help about filmstrips, Tinker have made it unnecessary.
I have got a lot of questions about my homepage lately. so I have made a page about how I made it, and places to find free web pages for your homepage, find it under index / my updates.

November 6th, 2005

I have changed my background an little, so that the text is easier to read.
I corrected some small error's here and there, so now everything should work right.
New frontpage animations for the For You menus in the start.
Remember to visit my Forum!
Tinker have got a new fan welcome to Starry Night Nursery.
Rainbow Babyz have got a new URL address, find it under my babyz sisterpages.
Jessica is on the letter J now.
I have got a pretty gift from Acasia... Thanks so much!!
I have found another Babyz find it.
I have got a new sister side, welcome to Sweet Pink Babyz.
Yes Christmas is near, remember the first of December you can open up the first door in the Babyz advents calendar.
I got more ideas for hexing things.
New ice cream for your Babyz.
New bottles for your Babyz, in a totally new design.

November 1st, 2005

New graphic on my homepage, yes now it is Christmas on DRN.
Brand new, Now there are a Advents Calendar for you ... but you will have to wait till December to open the doors!!
NEW - NEW - NEW - now there are Rag's and Towel's, find them under toyz / dressing tables.
(booth things are on the same page)
After the wish of Jerrod's I have made M&Ms minis for Babyz, find them under toyz / food / Candy and more!
Sadly no one did enter the Babyz Maker Competition this time, so there are no winners.

October 28th 2005

I have updated my Babyz link's.
New tights for your Babyz.
New Christmas jumper, in the wardrobe under Christmas clothing.
NEW - NEW- NEW - now there are new flower seed's for your garden, what about some carrots??
New idea under help.
This layout have been put up under old Layouts.
I have fund more Catz and Dogz find it.
I have updated my Catz and Dogz links.

October 17th, 2005

So now there are big teddy bears for you babyz.
Sadly some of my pillows ID numbers (the normal pillows) there was colliding with something els, but now the error is corrected, and all pillows can be used at the same time.
New family room's for you and your babyz.
New play room's for your babyz.
Now there are more sweaters.
Remember that I also have tights for your Babyz, I have made them, so they are fitting to the sweaters I have made, so you always can find a pair there is fitting to my sweaters.
New Jump suit's for your Babyz.
Then the hexer of Small Alicia have mailed me, thanks a lot Erica.
JI have got a new hexe idea, find it under help!
Ren´┐Że have won her first price.
Now I have got a picture of the little cat we soon will get: "Plet".

October 7th, 2005

I have changed all the pictures to put in your frames to Catz/Dogz and Babyz.
NEW - NEW - NEW - Shampoo bottles for your Babyz.
New nursery's for your Babyz.
New Clothes closet for your Babyz.
New attic's for your Babyz.
I have taken down the link to Ginny's Babyz Place from my sister sides, because she for some reason haven't got my homepage under her sisterside, and she is not answering my e-mail's - sorry about that.
Welcome to my new sister side Rainbow Babyz.
Ifound a error in the Carpet Pink file, I fixed that one.

October 1th, 2005

I have put the counter at 0 in the answer : "it is really bad" in my minipool, as non of the persons there have answered this about my homepage, haven't mailed me and told me why they do not like my homepage, so they do not count, if you mark this answers, then please do mail me why that is, answers as I don't like you and so on will not be taken serious.
I have got some small error's corrected, thanks for telling me KittyKiss.
More dollhouse links.
New pictures of the dollhouse 2 bedroom.
I have made over the page with my cat, as vi had to let her sleep for ever, she did get the allergic.
I have made a memorial page for the cat's we have had.
the desert rat "Speedy" we have had are also on a page now.
New snowglobe with Brom Scooter.
I have found a new find it for Catz and Dogz.
New snowglobe with Anna in it.
Then there are new bathtub's for your Babyz.
New cakes for Babyz.
NEW - NEW - NEW - now there are lava lamps, that your babyz can look at for hours. .
NEW - NEW - NEW - thights for all your wonderful Babyz. .
NEW - NEW - NEW - tie's for your babyz.
New bubble machines for you, fish and flowers.
New sweaters for your lovely Babyz.
New Teddy's with a BMP file, that Lissanne have made.
I have added more Babyz links.
Small Alicia, have now got her own page, click in and see who she is.
Now there are new wings to the Babyzmakeren.
A few new faces is also come up to Babyzmaker, have fun playing with it.
Under hexe help,you now can se the For You ID numbers the cabins in Babyz have.
New find it for you..
There have been send out a new Babyz Trading Card to every one there are members of the news letter.
I have found another find it for Babyz.
I have taken gifts and awards from each other, so they are now on there own sites.
New winner of the Babyzmaker competition.

Then I have made some marks on the page, with the ideas, you send to me, so now you can see what I have done, and what I'm working on, Once more thanks for all of your help.

September 9th, 2005

New things under Pint it for dollhouses.
More under books, now you can make books with real pages.
Now there are more lanps under: Hobby/Dollhouse ideas/Small lamp's.
Small blocks for notes and to draw on.
Nov you also can make Easter lily's, find them under: flowers.
More dollhouse links.
Then there is new Fluffy feet in pink for your Babyz.

September 4th, 2005

New family room for your babyz.
And my homepage have won a SOTM award from Honey Pot Nursery.
New winner of the Babyz Maker competition.

August 24th, 2005

I have got a new sister site. Welcome to: Spotted Wind Cattery.
Kathryn's Petz Kennelz have been reviewed.
Have found some more catz and dogz find it.
Matheiw have won a HM price more.
Some of my hexed toyz was not working in win XP, this is corrected now.
New nursery to your babyz.
New family room to your babyz.
New attic to your babyz.
NEW - NEW - NEW - now there are cakes to your babyz, so you can have a real birthday party.
Kelly have got her own page.
I have got some more fan pictures.
I have made a walk trough to make games for the dollhouse.
New pictures of dollhouse 4.
I made the post cards under print able over, as they were to small, now they are in the right size.
And more print able's are now availably.

August 10th, 2005

I have removed some scripts from my pages, so now the homepage should be loading faster.
New review from Magonda.
I have on words from Magonda put up a mail me right under my logo, so now it is easy to mail me.
Now there are a page with links for you there are crazy about dollhouses and / or is building them self.
Under Venetian blinds, you now also can see how I make small blinds.
This is how you make everything boxes for the dollhouse.
Small magazines and papers to your dollhouse.
I have put up some new paper to write letters on, as the old wasn't in the right size.
New print able's with things to use in the dollhouse.
New snowglobe with Bushfire.

July 30th, 2005

Now the Hall in dollhouse 4 are on the homepage, I hope you like it.
Now there are more things to print, bend and glue, for you dollhouse in 1:12.
See how to make letter paper for your dollhouse.
This is how to make boxes with tissues in for your dollhouse.
There are a new snow globe.
New Dogz Catz Trading Card from Magonda.
Viper are on the letter V - prity dog.
The lovely Baby's Sam and Sally are on the letter s.
I need pictures for the Babyz Trading Cards, please do send in your lovely babyz pictures.
Now there is a new winner of the Babyz Maker competition.

July 20th, 2005

Now there are more Trading cards from Magonda's page.
New colors in my layout.
The old layout have been placed on the page for old layouts.
I have found some find it for Catz and Dogz.
I have been trough all of my babyz link, so all of them are working, and some new are come up.
New snow globe with Starlight...
Now there are also help for XP users there would like to have sound on there Petz 5 games, see Catz and Dogz / help and trix.

July 3th, 2005

I have got a new and very rare Trading with Catz and Dogz.
New gift from Magonda - see it under: Catz - Dogz / my awards / gifts
I have got a new award for my homepage - see it under: Catz - Dogz / my awards.
I have the´┐Żone half of a Charm from Veno from Magonda, Veno have the other half.
I have found another Babyz find it.
New help for Win XP users. see under: babyz / help and trix.
Jubii now there are carpets for your Babyz to sit on. .

June 28th, 2005

New sister side, Welcome to: Ginny's Babyz Place
Under For You, there now are poems by Jessica, do go read them.
I have got a page with fan pictures from people there are using things I have hexed for babyz.
New Babyz Trading Card.
I have received more good ideas for Babyz hexing.
Now there is also medium teddy's for you babyz, just for hugging.
Under dollhouse/ ideas, there are now more under flowers.
I have changed the page with small books.
My newest dollhouse, have got a page for it self, under hobby / dollhouse 4.
New snow glob with the dog Buddy.
I have got the right card for 38 in my dogz - catz Trading Cards.
And I have got the cards I miss.

June 6th, 2005

Two new globes, Jackson and Chloe have got there globes, I have tried to mail a copy to there ownere, but I sadly gets the mail returne everytime I try.

June 1th, 2005

My dollhouse 3 have been updated - more pictures, and a few more rooms are done. . .
New article about my book from Asthma Allergic Magazine.
Amberlee have been adopted.
Another baby are up for download under: Tigger x - girls.
I do not have any adoptions any more . .
New Babyz Trading Card for you there is collecting.
New winner of the Babyz Maker competition.
New ballerinas for you babyz.
I have changed a little in the kitchen menu, so now it should be easier to find what you are looking for.
There you also can find some new candy and more goodies.

May 13th, 2005

New sister site welcome to Firework Babyz.
Firework Babyz have made a DRN Jumper to me, download it on the page over the content of the wardrobe.
New show girl set...
NEW NEW NEW now ballerinas sets for your lovely dancing babyz girls. . .
I have updated my babyz links again, there are some new once. . .
Tigger x have got her own homepage, so if you want to adopt a babyz, you have to go to her page - Tiggeriffic Babyz
You can still download and ask for babyz here on this homepage, but adoptions are now only on: Tiggeriffic Babyz.
I have got another SOTW award for my Babyz part - - Thanks so much for it! !
New Babyz Trading Cards for you there is collecting.
I have found some more babyz find it. . .

May 1th, 2005

New sister side welcome to: Boggle Babyz...
New winner in my Babyz Maker competition.
Two new Babyz Trading Cards for you.
I have found another babyz find it . . .
I have got a glitter picture with Charlie.
Leesa & Xander from Tigger x have been adopted
I have been trough all of my babyz links, and now there is a few more.
Would you like to se a Babyz 2? then go and sign under: Babyz links.
New - now there are water cans for your babyz!

April 25th, 2005

New sister site for babyz welcome to: Tiggeriffic Babyz...
New show girl set. .
Now there are new costumes, tigers and Leopards for your babyz.
A new nursery for your babyz, find it under: Nursery's 2.
New - small doll's for your babyz . .
New Babyz Trading Card for you there are collecting. . .
Remember to send in your own babyz picture, and get your baby on a card too.
New idea from Anne

April 16th, 2005

Now there is gems for you babyz. .
New pillows for your babyz.
New candles for your babyz. . .
New costume a ocelot tiger for your babyz.
New clock model babyz.
New babyz find it . . help Charlie to find his gold fish.
What about some new deliquesce food for your babyz?? find it under food. .
New Babyz Trading Cards for every one.
New babyz from Tigger x, for downloading and adoptions.
I have clanged around in my layout, so now the largest pages are been cut into smaller once.
I hope this will do it easier to find what you are looking for.
I have been trough all of my babyz link. . .
I have been trough all of my catz and Dogz link . . .

April 12th, 2005

Now there are hot chocolate for your babyz find it with the other food products.
Heart pillows for you babyz, find them with the other pillows.
NEW - Now there are unicorns teddy's for your babyz, that they can play with.
Now there is also a Jingle ball for your babyz, find it with the other ball's.
NEW NEW NEW - Now there is also ToyChests to put the toy of your babyz into
The Babyz Crib Have permission to put some of my things up for download, here you can find all of my ToyChest's.

>April 7th, 2005

Finally I have got my Forum to work correct, so now it is possible to log in and out without any problems...
There are new smilis in my forum, I have made them my self.
I have corrected a few errors on some of my pages.
NEW - NEW - NEW - now there are rattles for your babyz.
New picture frames for pictures to decorate around in your babyz home . .
New snow globes for your babyz to play with. .
Mariah and Keri, that Ocelot have hexed are adopted by Coco.
Tigger x have got here boys and girls put on there own pages, so you do not have to look trough all babyz to find the boy or girl you want.
Jaqueline that Tigger x have hexed, have been adopted.
New beta version of Tinker, find it on the "Tinker fan" page.
have got a SOTW prise from Bubble Babyz. . .thank you so very very much for the prise.

April 4th, 2005

Charlie have got his own page. .
NEW NEW NEW - Now there is kitchens for your babyz...
New play room's for your babyz. .
NEW NEW NEW - now there is toy train's for your babyz.
New candles that you can decorate you babyz home with...
New bottles for your babyz. . .
New thermometer for your babyz. . .
New guest babyz hexer Ocelot from Bread Basket Babyz, welcome to you and all your lovely babyz.

April 1th, 2005

A new winner in my Babyz maker contest. congratulations. . . New Babyz Trading Cards.
Thanks a lot for mails with ideas, I just love them all.
New teaching about how you easily find a new ID number for your new babyz things.
New pillows for your babyz. .
New balls in one color for your babyz.
Brand new. . . Now there is boats for your babyz, that they can play with in the bath tub.
Now my homepage have broken the record of visitors since I started it. This month I have had a 998 visitors, thanks to every one of you who comes and look.

Marts 28th, 2005

I have changed a little in the menu for baybz, to make it a little more easy to find the way around.
New colors.
There are some new globes.
I have got a very pity gift from FrodoBlue, see it under Catz and Dogz.
My forum have got a new butten, and have also been changsed a little.
New sister side welcome to: Binky Boo Babyz
I have adopted a lot of Cute animals from Animal place.
So again I need baby pictures to the Babyz Trading Cards. . come on, it do not take longer time to send in the pictures of your lovely babyz, with the information's I need for them, than it do take to join a pageant!!! and here I guaranteed you that it will be turned into a collector card with you babyz, no competition here!!
I have found another find it for babyz.
I have got a lovely babyz family picture from Kitty Cat.
I have now 49 pages with things you can download for your babyz...
So there is enough of goodies for your lovely kidos. . .
Now there is 206 pieces of clothing, and you can use them all at the same time.
Now there is slippers for your babyz, nice big fluffy shoes.
A lot of new Easter clothing for babyz . . .
I have made a page for ideas, yes every one have sometimes need for a little help, even I can run out of ideas. So if you are sitting with a idea or two, then please do e-mail me!

Are you also a fan of Tinker?
I have started a fan page, get your fan-banner to day, and get you homepage - name on the list of fans.
A big thanks to Nicholas Sherlock for the cool program ! ! !

Marts 24th, 2005

Nuller have got another prise.
I have won a contest for putting text on a picture.
Now there are some family room's that have been made ready for Easter.
Easter nursery room's.
Easter egg's to play with in the toy chest.
Now there is also clothing for Easter to your babyz.
Play room's in Easter look.

Marts 22th, 2005

I have corrected a few small errors and some picture mistakes on the page with jumpers.
New costumes for your babyz, now they can play Zebra, and to Easter bunny's.
Now onesies for your babyz, so they can look pretty.
Have changed a little in the menu, so Christmas clothing for babyz are on a page for it self.
And a new category Easter, with clothing for Easter.
Have you seen how much cloth I have in the wardrobe, look at the first page in the bottom, there you can see how much there is to chouse between

Marts 21th, 2005

Anya have been adopted by Mary.
New sister side. welcome to Ohana.
Now there are also Bonsai, that you can have a little Chinese in your babyz room's.
New Jumpers with stripes for your babyz.
Patty and Pepper are on the letter P.
There are new jump suits for babyz...

Marts 19th, 2005

Stephanie have been adopted by Mary.
Now there are new hair for the Babyz Maker, and something you can put in the hair, so now you can make really good pictures to win with in the competition.
New Trading Cards for you there is collecting.

Marts 18th, 2005

I have finally got the whole structure in my homepage made, this is not something you will be able to se, but it will make it easier for me to update from now on.
There can still be things not working on some pages, please do write to me, if you find something not working.
I have gone true all of my links, so everyone there is not working have been removed.
Ren´┐Że, that Tigger x have hexed for me, are now my homepages little show girl.
Ren´┐Że have got her own page.
It have taken a long time to make all pictures again, but I like the result.
Another globe have been made and put up.
I have a new page for all my babyz.
The cool glitter pictures are all created of Debbie from Honey Pot Nursery.
Tow more adoptions from Tigger x send in the form to day.
New babyz for downloading fro Tigger x.
A new cut babyz on the letter K.
Got a very beautiful gift from Honey Pot Nursery - Thanks so much for that.
Have found another find it for catz - dogz pages.
Tigger x have made ready for adoptions of Catz and Dogz.

Marts 15th, 2005

I have some problems with my babyz section, and I'm working hart on getting it to work again, so that it will be working almost as before soon. Sorry of the problems it is giving, things there can't be downloaded and so on, if there is any files you would like to have, please mail it to me, if you can't download them, and I will send them for you.
I hope I will be back soon whit a working homepage.

Marts 12th, 2005

New Jump Suit's for your babyz.
Clocks for your babyz, so they can see what time it is.

Marts 11th, 2005

Now there are two new globes to my collection, hope you like them.
And now there is also High chairs for your babyz, find your favorite color.
New socks for your babyz.

Marts 8th, 2005

I think I have the longest list of babyz links, where every link is working.
P.S. I have gone trough them all again.
Eva Marie have now got her own page.
New pictures under more pictures.
Now there is babyz adoptions.. send in the form and se if you are the lucky mom or dad.
New Jumpers for your babyz.
New Sweaters for your babyz.
Something totally new Jump Suits for your babyz.

Marts 6th, 2005

Since I have got Babyz I do not use so much time on Catz and Dogz any more, I sorry about that, for the fans I know are out there, Of cause I will keep that part open, and make sure that all dead links will be removed and that kind of cleaning . . .
But I hope I will be back again , but for the time I'm more to Babyz . .

HBH forum commercial is up.
New babyz for downloading from Tigger x.
I have found more find it's for babyz.
For some thing new, I now have attic's for your babyz.
And Cotton Candy Babyz won the unique price for Marts month. CONGRATULATIONS with the prise.
New babyz find it. Have fun.

February 25th, 2005

I have fixed some small mistakes there was in my sweaters files, so now they are working right. Sorry about that mistake.
I have changed a little around on the babyz menu, hope it is making it a little easier to find around.
JI have got this cool animation with my name on from Honey Pot Nursery, see it on the page about me.
Then I have got my pepped up remote controlled car made, see pictures of it under: hobby / my car.
New babyz animations.
More pictures of my babyz.
New Clothes Closets for your babyz, under play pens.
New Jumpers, and I have changed a little around on them.
New Formal suits.
New T-shirts for your Babyz.
New pacifiers for your lovely babyz.
A new backyard.
Annie have got here own page now.

February 19th, 2005

More cool glittering pictures from Honey Pot Nursery The two new link buttons on the front page. Thank you so much for them.
Stephanie Kate have got her picture on the letter D.
New flower and other Cutie Baby suits.
New family picture of my babyz.

February 18th, 2005

Totally new colors on my homepage, I hope you like them.
Thanks to Honey Pot Nursery, (my babyz sistersite) for the cool glitter pictures of my babyz, and the big DRN sign on my front page, they are really cool - if you like to have one or two too, then go to her homepage and ask for some.
I have change a lot of my babyz pictures where they are posing.
New Cutie Baby clothes.
There are new earmuffs for babyz.
New T-shirts also for your babyz.

February 16th, 2005

First thanks to all of you, who have answered my babyz questions.
Some pages sadly missed the background, that error have been corrected.
Tamed have reviewed my homepage.
Tamed have been so kind to help me get ride of some spelling mistakes. Thanks very much.
I have got a new gift - catz and dogz.
I have found another find it - catz and dogz.
My cat Rama have got another HM award.
My Dogz Mearb have got another 3th prise.
New snow globes.
New sister site. Welcome to Waterfall Heaven.
Now Anna have got her own page.
There are new babyz and twins from Tigger x to download...
And as something new, there are bath tubs in lots of colors, thanks to Carolyn, that she did hexe the first file.

February 13th, 2005

more Jumpers for your Babyz, lovely night suits.
New Play pens, This time totally new: Clothes closet.
New nurseries.
I have found another find it award for babyz.
Tigger X have hexed some really cute babyz for you, find all here wonderful babyz under: Hexed Babyz.
You can also ask after special hexed babyz, the same place.

Febuary 7th, 2005

Now there is a mini Pool for you, about my downloads, so please do take your time to answer my questions, It will help me make this homepage even greater.
New Jumpers for your babyz.
New intercoms.
Because it is very rare that someone is entering Catz and Dogz show, I have taken them down for good, sorry. .
New links for Babyz, and a few more for Catz and Dogz.
E-mail me, if you can't find the link for your babyz - Petz homepage, so that I can put it up too.
More tricks under: Help and tricks.
I have found more babyz find it and a new Catz and Dogz find it.

February 4th, 2005

Now there are more biblical women names on the name list.
I have collected more Trading Cards.
Now there are balls to Petz 5.
Now there are more formal suits for your lovely babyz.
The Formal suits are changed a bit, so now you can use socks at the same time - Thanks Carolyn.
More Jumpers for your babyz.
I have found anther find it for Babyz.
New intercoms, So you can here your small once.

January 27th, 2005

Have changed on a few of my pictures, and on some of my graphic.
Then there are some snow globes to your babyz under babyz/toy chest.
New category with clothes: Show girls, find beautiful suits, the most of the Pieces can also be used for them self.
And now there are also crowns for princesses.
Brushes for Petz 5 games under Catz and Dogz/toys.
I have goon true my links, so there is no death links.
New snow globes.

January 18th, 2005

New show winners have been posted.
New pacifiers for your babyz.
Another cat costume, and under headbands, you can get rabbits ears there also can be used for the suite.
New Jumper.
New ID numbers in most of the bubble machines, so please do download them all one more time (this is not for the Bobble Swan, if you did find it)
And some totally new, now there are teddies for your babyz.
New composition, win unique things for your babyz, send in your pictures made in my babyzmaker, see more under composition.

January 13th, 2005

I have changed the ID numbers of the moste of the clothes, so that they are in a nicer order in your cabin, sadly this means, that you will get some problems by downloading new if you still have some old versions in your cabin. I will suggest you to download everything over again, and there by also get the nice order in your cabin. Sorry for the trouble

New candles in the attic for your babyz.
I have changed the flame on the old candles to a little more real looking one.
Have changed a little on some of the nursery's.
New Jumpers.

January 9th, 2004

New snow globe.
Now there are summer backyards for your babyz.
There are new playrooms for babyz.
Now there are also Family rooms, where you can have fun.
New costumes for your babyz, find them in the wardrobe.
There are rabbit ears in new colors under headbands.
And as something totally new, you can now get earmuffs for your babyz.

January 1th, 2004

Thanks to all of you there have put a pin on my guest map, it is really cool.
New layout, hope you like the new look.
now there is falling - harts - paws and rattles bow over the menus.
new font on the menu.
New buttons, to link up to my homepage.
I have corrected a few errors.
Have moved a little around on the menu under Jesus.
"Live with God" are up.
I have got a new cat, see it under: About me / my cat.
Another wood cutting are up on my homepage.
My homepage are reviewed from Bella Mora.
My daisy chain are been updated and moved to the page with links.
Now there are more hexed Dogz, there are tree new breedz, two are recoloring of the Golden Retriever.
I have got some more gifts for Catz for Dogz.
Have got a new award from Pin Petz, as the best PinPetz side 2004.
And a award for a good homepage from Pin Petz.
Now you can see the old BTC cards in mini size on the list of realized cards.
You can find desktop pictures, with babyz under: Babyz / Desktop pictures.
Now there are babyz on the letter x.
My babymaker have been updated and changed a little.

December 14th, 2004

Now there are new books for your babyz what about a book with dalmatians in?
I have removed the "Pillow flowers", as it did not work as I wanted it too , the new yellow pillow are made of the old fille, and will therefore not work together with the pillow flower. If you have the old file, may put it up on your homepage to download, as your oun,I will not clame it.
New: Dressing table, now you can find intercom's for your Babyz here.
Now there is also ornaments under: The Attic
Carolyn Horn have now made: tall green plant.toy so that you can out it away again, this is why I now have made the big Christmas tree able to be put away, and taken with into the other rooms, thanks Carolyn. Find the new file under: The Attic.
Now I have been reviewed by Blue Silence.
New to Petz 5 toys.
On the page where you can apply for homepage awards, I have started to put up the pages there have applied for and got a award inclusive which award they have got.
Then some of my wood work are up under: hobby's.
There are new pictures of our daughter Pi, on here page.

December 1st, 2004

Thanks to all of you there on regularly base visit my homepage, you are all making it populare, I have now around 550 visits each month, thank you. . .
A new find it under: babyz, this one is harder than the reast, but then it also gives you a new and special toy for your Babyz.
Now there are more and new animations of my babyz.
Just cot 3 of my babyz playing, see them under my Babyz.
Melanie have finally got here own page.
Ice cream 1, is now also as a file showing up in the freezer.
I have corrected a minor hexe mistake in the leopard outfit, so now there is no color mistakes in it.
On my front page, you now find my world cart, where you can put up your pin, so every one can see where you are coming from.
This layout, are now up under: old layouts.

November 29th, 2004

Now there are more Play rooms for your Babyz, where they can play and have fun.
Another Nursery for your Babyz.
And now there are Ice cream for your Babyz, find them under: Kitchen Cabin.
Aad now you can finde beautifull decorated christmas trees under: Attic.
Begonia have been animatet again, I cut hare while she was clapping.
Got another gift for Catz and Dogz.

November 25th, 2004

New Nursery rooms for your Babyz.
Nursery 4 with a new bed, so now you easy can see your babyz sleep, and it is still secure.
Now there is also playroom's for your Babyz.
All the picture you can download for your Babyz are new, I had not taken care of the game colors So the old was not good enough, but the new once are working.

November 24th, 2004

Have got more gifts for Catz and Dogz.
Have found more find it for Catz and Dogz.
I have got some more Trading Card from Magonda.
Got a new sistersite for Babyz, welcome to Honey Pot Nursery.
The cool glitter picture of Misha on the first page with my babyz, have my sister page Honey Pot Nursery made for me.

November 22th, 2004

There are new frames for your babyz.
And now you can find cool gifts for your babyz, just to put under the tree,er just to play with for fun...
And a candle for the nice evening houers, you find them under: Attic.

November 17th, 2004

I have fixed my Catz and Dogz links, so that they all works .
I have put my Catz and Dogz Trading Cards up in a new and better way.
I have found some more find it Catz and Dogz.
Begonia my new lovely baby, have now got here own page.
Begonia need your help under: babyz / find it.
New animations of my babyz.
New food jars for your babyz.
Then there are new balls for your babyz to play with.
Now you can see all my babyz by clicking on: my babyz, they have all been so sweet to sit so I could take a nice picture of .
Then there are a new nursery up for your babyz under: Play Pens.
And now you can find the cutest pictures for the frames to you rooms.
And there are frames for the pictures.

November 13th, 2004

New BCT (Babyz Trading Card) for you there is collecting.
Now you can get a link to your homepage under BTC, if you are collecting the cards.
New category under babyz: Kitchen Cabin. Here you can find the food I hexed.
New category under babyz: Play Pens. Here you can find new backgrounds for your babyz.
In the toychest you now find the bubble machine, that your babyz can play with.
Now there are food jars for your babyz, how about some citron fruitage.
I have hexed another pillow, your babyz can play with.
I got 2 new babyz sister pages, welcome to you!
I have collected more Dogz and Catz Trading Cards.

November 10th, 2004

A few errors have been corrected.
Changed a little in the layout, so now it is more floating.
There are new pictures under the bedroom in dollhouse 3.
There are new pictures under the living room in dollhouse 3
There are new pictures under the cozy room in dollhouse 3
New under: Dollhouse ideas, tree in garden - do it your self.
New under: Dollhouse ideas, roof lamp- do it your self.
New under: Dollhouse ideas, flowers - do it your self.
Under: Dollhouse ideas, the page with small carpets have been updatet.
New links under Babyz.
Another dog show came to a judging, and prises are mailed, and you can find them under: Enter show/ dogz winners.

October 28th, 2004

I took of the animating of my background, because it is not good on slow computers.
This layout is uploaded on: Old layouts.
My homepage have been reviewed from Magonda, find it under: Reviews, together with the one from Dazzle.
You can also find the 10 commands in the order from the bible, under Jesus / the 10 commands.
New teaching about finding your identity by Jesus, and avoid self blaming.

Catz and Dogz updating
Mearb my show dog have won a price.
some of my show Catz have also won a price or two since last update.
I have collected more cards from Magonda.
I have been so blessed, that Magonda have given me the first 16 Trading Cards.
Some of my Catz and Dogz have lost some things, please be kind and help them under: Catz and Dogz / Find it.

Babyz updating
I have been trough all my Babyz links, and taken out the once that are not working any more.
Have put some more links to Babyz pages up.
Have found another find it award.
Some of my Babyz have misplaced some things, please be so kind to help them under: Babyz / Find it.
You can now see Misha under my Babyz.
No'omi and Nahas pages have been updated.
My page with Babyz animations have been updated.
And the page with more Babyz picture have also been updated.

Petz and Babyz updating
The letter L have got a pair of sleeping Dogz on it.
Have made another snow globe, this one was for Dogzmania4ever.
And now there is a Forum for you!

October 12th, 2004

New cool christmas layouts.
Dollhouse 3 have become a remodel.
And there are new pictures to see.
My Babyz Doll Maker have been updatet, so have a look at it, There are many new things.
New christmas jumper for your babyz.
Now there are even more bows for your lovely babyz.
More t-shirts to your babyz.
totaly new category in the wardrobe: Pans.
New Babyz Trading Card.
New links under Catz and Dogz forum.
Mearb my show dog have won again - hurra!
Some of my catz have won more titles and prises.
more titleprises, that you can download and give to your show petz.
More names under: Names.
Have found new trading Cards from Magonda, see my cards under: Catz and dogz / Trading Cards.

September 23th, 2004

New links under babyz links, and in Catz and dogz links.
Brand new Dolls in my collection, the Candybar Dolls, see them under dolls.
corrected a few errors.
Have joined the club against dead links. Be The Reaper
Have got a new daisy to my chain under updates.
New baby animation, of my new shining sun Misha.
New cap to babyz.
New Baby Trading Card.
New sister site to Babyz

September 16th, 2004

More Dolls,That you can look at, because they are really cute, I have changsed some of them a little my self.
Have made two more snow globes.
Now you also can see my show dogz.
Have got a pressent for my catz ad Dogz sektion.
Found a mouse on Cyberquake, in the find it game.
Have got a brand new award for my christian pages.
New under Jesus, how you should forgive, a little storry about how you to do it.

August 25th, 2004

Now my book is here, sorry but is is only on Danisch.
New colors and animatet background.
New, now you can see my old homepage layouts.
My daugther Pi's page have been updated, so now there are some new pictures of here.
Have got another Dogz - Catz Trading Card to my collection.
My page with my Dolls have been updated, there are really many new ones.
In dollhouse 3 is the cozy room done.

August 17th, 2004

MyBabyz links are updated.
Dollhouse 2 are updated.
New Babyz Trading Card.

August 10th, 2004

Because I'm having a lot of astma for the time, there is not happening much.
Got a new babyz homepage award.
Found some "find it" on catz and Dogz pages, so they are up now.
I also fund the teddy in a "find it" concurense on a baby homepage.
Under Hobby, there are new ideas for dollhouse building.
I got a new sister trading cards.
New baby tradingcard are up.

August 1th, 2004

So I have collected more Trading Cards from Magonda.
If you still havn't joined my newsletter program,Then you just have missed a Babyz Trading Card.
I have got a new sister site to babyz. welcome to: Bread Basket Babyz.
On Bread Basket Babyz homepage, you can find another trading card, the Sister Cards.

July 31th 2004

Updated my babyz links, so now there is a lot of cool pages to look at.
Then there have been a Dogz show, see winners under catz and Dogz / join show / Dogz winners.

July 30th, 2004

New link under Christian pages:I was cured.
Dollhouse 3 have been updated.
Have got a new sister site to Dogz and Catz, Welcome to Pin Petz.
Have got a new sister site to Dogz and Catz, Welcome to Magonda.
I have collected more trading Cards from Magonda, see them under Catz og Dogz/Trading Cards.
Have made a snow globus more, go to Pin Petz, Go to Pin Petz to win a special globen.
Find more Trading Cards with Babyz, and send your babyz to me, so you can get your Baby on a card.
Then there are new under wardrob, now there is also bib's to your babyz.
And nice warme sweaters.
Now there is also formal suits, so your babyz can be really pritty.
Now there is also help and trix to your babyz.
Babymaker is updated, with more stuff.

July 24th, 2004

Have corrected some small erros.
Have updated the page with our daugther.
Have got tradin card, with my oun cat, from Magonda.
Have made a snow globe with Madness in it.
Have collected more Trading Cards from Magonda.
Have made a new Jumper and a new headband to babyz.
New under hexe help for babyz.
New Baby Trading Cards to your collection.

July 7th, 2004

See the Trading Cards with Catz and Dogz that I have colected, see them under: Catz and Dogz/Trading Cards.
Now you can colect Babyz Trading Cards, under: Babyz/Trading Cards.

July 6th, 2004

New clothes for Babyz, I have made 1 jumper more.
Now there are also books for your babyz.
A new pillow.
Now you can make your own babyz in my babyzmaker, under: Babyz/Babymaker.
Now you also can see the dolls, I made in "My Doll Palace".
I started to collect Trading Cards from Magonda under: Catz and Dogz/Trading Cards.
I have looked trough my links, So there should not be any dead pages, but mail me, if you find one anyway.
Now there also is help to find, if you run into troubles in the Babyz game.

June 28th, 2004

Have corrected some small mistakes.
Now there are pacifiers to your Babyz.
Now the Toychest is here, there you can find:
botles, For You kinds of them -
balls in beautifull colors and
lovely pillows to your babyz.

June 24th, 2004

New colors.BR> The menu have been changsed a little, so that it is easier to find around.
More sister sites to catz and dogz and babyz.
New dollhouse under hobbies.
There have also been put up some ideas to you, there want to build your own dollhouse.
More to dollhouse 2

May 13th, 2004

More Caps for your babyz.
New, socks for your babyz.
New costume, butterfly.
More boy and girl names.

April 19th, 2004

Small changing on the frontpage.
My Daisy Chain is now under: Updating.
More clothes for babys have been made and put op for you.
Now there is alsow bows for you babyz.
And my catz have won more prises.

April 14th, 2004

Got new site awards. thanks to Candy Flavored Petz, there is my sister site.
New part in the wardrobe: Costumes.
New Jumpers and caps.

April 11th, 2004

More baby links.
New clothes for your babyer.
New category: Caps.
New page with gifts.
Small errors here and there have been corrected.
New hexetour to babyz, how you use a existerende texture in your cloths.
Then I got some easter greatings, I put them up under my awards.

April 5th, 2004

Daisy chain on front page, every flower leads to another pages with babyz.
Now I have the Dogz and Babyz game to.
Now you can find the link to buy Catz - Dogz and Babyz from Amazone in England.
The paw are not falling over my menu any more, but over my front page.
Have moved a lot around on my menus (hope you can find your way around).
New colors on the page.
Fun under Jesus, Find out why we are having kids.
More Catz winners, see there awards under Enter show/Catz Winners.
New awards, Click on the prise, to see what Dazzel thinks of my homepage.
New awards system, seek to get one of my cool awards for your homepage.
I have added more links to Catz - Dogz homepages.
New page with links to Babyz pages.
New part with Dogz.
See my little dog family.
My first hexede dogz can be downloaded.
Animations of one of my dogz have been put up, you are welcome to use them on your homepage.
New playpen under: play pens 5/Love rooms and Outside.
Pages wiht names you can use for your Catz - Dogz and Babyz.
New part with Babyz.
New page, where you can see my babyz, I have two cute "kids" now.
New page with more pictures of my babyz.
See my own animations of my babyz.
The wardrobe have been open... here you can find clothes for your little once.
Have put two Jumpere and two T-Shirts up for downloading.
Keep watching the wardrobe, because there will come more.
Hexe help for you to hexe your own clothes for you lovey babyz.
Page with my snow globes, where you can have your oun globe made.
More catz on my alphabet.

March 18th, 2004

Nuller, Rama, Zilpa and Matheiw have got more prises.
Champion prises are put up under: Enter show/Title prises.
Winner are put up under: Enter show/winners.

March 15th, 2004

Another cat under: Hexed Litters/New breedz.
Under Hexe help, you now can see how to changes your catz tail.
More cat pictures have been put up.
I got another sistersite.
I have changsed a little on my catz links, and put some more to it.
More Forums have been added under links.
New play pen under castle room's.
New play pen under Child room's.

March 8th, 2004

More animations, under: Own animations.
Judging of shows postponed, not enough catz joined.
some errors was corrected under Hexing.
A new cat under Hexed Litters/New breed.
New sister site.

Febuary 21th, 2004

Nuller have got his firste price. . . go Nuller!
Nuller have got family, look under catz 5/ my catz/ Nuller and fam.
Animations of my oun catz.
More pictures of my catz under: More pictures.
Changesed a little on my menue.
Have got a title on my homepage (In the upper left corner of the tool bar)
Now you can see on my frontpage when I have updatet, and that you can see what there is updatet.
Have made special links to pages with catz. . and forumer. .

February 7th , 2004

Now you can see, when I'm judging the catz shows.
I got my first sistersite.
Have made my links under index a little For You.

February 6th , 2004

I have scramblet alle my e-mail adresses, for you there want to write ma a mail, it dosn't mean anything, but for those there is seaking my homepage for mails, will not be abel to find my E-mail, so that i'm not getting a lot of spam.
Look how I did under Java / E-mail scrambler.

February 5th , 2004

Changes under Show's there will make it easier for me to see which show your cat'z joined.
E-mail adress are been edit, cause I had made a mistake, and written it wroang,
I'm so sorry about that mistake, but now my e-mail works!!

February 3th , 2004

New colors, that makes it all more well-arranged.
Under "A little of all" I put in all the Danish post numbers.
New under index "contents", so it is easier to find what you are looking for.
New special buttons with animals, under "Java".
"Gods truth", is a page with a lot of the lovely things God thinks about you.
New play pens in the "New years" category for Catz and Dogz 5.
New play pens in the "childrens rooms" category for Catz and Dogz 5.
New play pens in the "Vacations places" category for Catz and Dogz 5.
New play pens in the "Outside" category for Catz and Dogz 5.
New hexed cat to catz 5 just for you to download.
I got a new award. thanks to speedwagon.
Catz alphabet, here you can find the alphabet, with catz.
New menue: "sister pages", here you can finde my sister pages, and see how you can become a sister page to me.

January 3th, 2004

I reorganized my menue.
Paw started to fall down over the menu.

January 2th, 2004

New background, and new colors on my menu bar.
New miracles under miracles/my miracles.
New under bible study, good places about marriage, braking marriage.
New under catz 5:
Trading cards, here you can see my cards, if you want to trade cards with me, then write a e-mail.
New Play pen category: "new year" with nice new year pp that your catz and dogz can play in.

November 25th, 2003

My menu bar is been updated, and there are made some few corrections in the system.
The music I have removed, cause I have found out, that midi files very -very often are elegiac
New background hope you like it.
Now you can link up to me homepage, by some of my small cute banners, under: link to me.
Few corrections in the pages under: about me.
Error corrected in page with plants.
Miracles, here I tell about some of the small everyday miracles the Lord have done in my life.
Your miracles, here is the pages, where your miracles are coming up.
Write a miracle, here you can fill out a small form, and send it to me.
Gamle artikler, er en helt ny overskrift, hvor du finder gamle avisartikler om Jesus.
Old articles, a new subtitle, where you can find old newspaper articles about Jesus.

October 9th, 2003

A new menu bar.
New page with plants.
Page with new special buttons.
More new buttons under - everydays buttons.

September 25th, 2003

A page with 7 good reasons to believe in God is uploaded

September 24th, 2003

My home page have got new colors.
New music on the pages, before it was Joan Osborne with "One Of Us", now it is Eagle Eye Cherry with "Save Tonight"
Have shined up a few pages, and corrected a few errors.
I have made more Playpens to catz and dogz 5.
New family have been put up under "my catz".
Page with more pictures of my cats is uploaded.
More Case Skins for you to download.
Have made a link, so you can buy catz and dogz 5, from a English firma.

July 1th, 2003

Have changesed a little on my page, so it is easyer to find around.
A page about asthma have been op loadet.
Have op loadet a page with the pregnancy with Pi.
Pi's pages have been opdatet a little.
There is now more on the pages with my cat.
Some other mistakes have been corectet.
A special thanks to Odd-Petz that kindly have allowed me to use his "Oddballz Fan case" in a redecoratet way.

Jun 21th, 2003

Now it is posible to get a homepage award from me, so do try to get one.
New background colors .
A few errors have been correctet.
Cats show - every second month the winders will be found, firste time the 1st august.

May 26th, 2003

Page with the side awards I have recived is been put op.
Small problems on my pages with Hexing have been changesed.
Catshow is done, Winners will be notifeid.

May 12th, 2003

3 more drawings have been put op...
Catzshow starting.

April 27th, 2003

Now there is two more drawings.
"My baptizem" was put op.

April 26th, 2003

I changsed a few errowes that have sneeken in on my homepage.

April 20th, 2003

Now there is help to those of you, there would like to hexe your self.
It is not so hard after you have tried it, and here you can see some of the things I use my self, when I remodel a cat.
On Firebird homepage you will fiend a program, that makes it easier to changes colors on catz and dogz.
The cat "Scottish Mony" is now for download, under new breedz.
The pages "Enter show" Is in the air, here there will soon come shows, where you can join with your cat'z.

April 13th, 2003

I put up this page for the first time,
I got the idea from Firebird.
So a great thanks to here, that she allowed me to copy it. pleas do go and visit here wonderful homepage - Magic Kennel & Cattery, you finde here page under links, at the botem of the page.

April 1st, 2003

The idea to this totally new homepage appeared the first time. And I started out by making my frames, and putting up all the pages I already had made.
I have put up totaly new drawings.